Can your question be on both of these lists?

can your question be on the recently asked list and the recently answerd list at the same time?

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Well someone recently asked why their answers weren't showing up, and it seems that there was a technical glitch where someone would answer a question but it wouldn't show up immediately. The problem has been fixed, but if that was the case, a question could be on both of the lists. It should no longer be an issue though.

Hope that helps.

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:) Yes.

This list by default is questions most recently asked, if they have an answer or not:

This is all those that have been answered, in the order they were answered, of those most recent questions:

So, yep, a question can be in both lists. The filters are there on the home page to make it easier to view ones that are new, or recently answered, to give people easier access to faster advice.

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I would think so..if you just asked it, and someone just answered would have been recently asked AND answered, so I'd say yes it can.

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