Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

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technically you have to have sex to pop yer cherry like loosing your virginity.
but like 2 er 3 years ago fingering my self I "poped it" and blood came out and so on and then like when you have sex blood doesn't get all over. But they meaning popping yer cherry you have to have had sex.

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you cant breake your hymen by fingering yourself. try a carrot though it will work

Can you pop your cherry by fingering yourself?
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ya I did by accident

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im confused..
how do I know if I've teared my hymen or not?
cause I've fingered myself and inserted things, but its never started to bleed(well I dont think so), and I've never had sex either:-/
write back asap!

What happens when your cherry pops?
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yes you can, im positive. ashleeey some girls are just born without one, and sometimes you have to go further in depending on where your hymen is.

How do I know when my cherry has popped?
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ummm probly no lol but I don't finger my self either so yh I wouldn't no.

How do I know if my cherry is popped?
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I just got fingered and my cherry popped. I think or am I just startin my period? I don't know

where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?
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I think that you can use anything really to 'pop your cherry' tbhh im not sure if I have popped mine myslef by using tampons butt heyy, try it that way,dont use a carrot, its a but.. ooerr lol

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lol well "popping your cherry" actually means losing your virginity.. so unless you've had actual sex, you haven't popped your cherry.

a lot of people think that the "cherry" is your hymen and "popping" it means tearing it, but it doesn't, the hymen has nothing to do with the term "pop your cherry." the hymen is completely different subject. like I said, popping your cherry= losing your virginity.

so in actuality, NO, you can not pop your cherry by fingering, but yes, you can tear or stretch your hymen when ANYTHING is inserted.

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gosh, I really wanted to know the answer to this popping cherry thing.

so if I insert a carrot into my vagina I will pop my cherry??? or something else.


popping your cherry by fingering
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uhmm when my "cherry was popped"
my boyfriend was fingering me, it scared us
at first cause we thought it was my period.
but later that day there was nothing there,
so yeaah you can pop it by getting fingered.

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Im a virgin and I want to pop my cherry my self so my mom wouldn't know I could tell her I did it .so I just ask her ang she said'sure' now im going go and get my cherry pop at13

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Yes. your "cherry" is actually a thin piece of skin called the hymen. When it tears, it may bleed and hurt a bit. By inserting your finger or anything else into your vagina you may tear it therefore "pop your cherry". Some girls are born without a hymen or torn it while exercising this explains why sometimes there is no pain or blood when someone gets their "cherry popped".

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You can pop you cherry from lots of things excersise and stuff but I was born without one and I don't finger myself I don't know you might not have one :)

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I finger myself all the time but I have never popped my cherry but apparently it works if you use a carrot first and then when you first have sex it doesnt hurt as much

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Oh snap. Alrighty, certain things you do when you were younger(before fingering yourself) could have easily torn your hymen, not popped your cherry. The term "popping your cherry" is referred to having sex for the first time, like Penis in your Vagina sex. If you were in sports or horseback riding or even bike riding you could have torn it. Also if you use tampons, pssh your hymen is gone. G-O-N-E GONE! lol. So overall no you can't pop your cherry, but I understand where you were getting at. So yeah fingering yourself can tear or stretch your hymen, unless it was already torn, or hey! Maybe you were born without one 8D
Hope I helped P:

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ok my cherry has already been popped im not a virgin but my boyfriend and I were messing around and he fingered me and im not on my period and it was not my cherry but why did I bleed is that normal???

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Treat it like any wound on your body. Clean it, use the needed ointment if possible, and try not to get infections.

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