Can you get life or health insurance if... have severe depression? eating disorder?

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I currently don't have any.
I was thinking of getting some.
so I'll have to go around searching for a good deal that provides what I want and ask them that too I guess.

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Also sometimes you can't get coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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You'll have to ask your health insurance provider.

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Are you asking if you can get a health insurance plan that covers treatment for those conditions, or are you just wondering if you can get health or life policies in spite of those conditions? Unfortunately, many health providers do not cover treatment for eating disorders and clinical depression...that is something that many advocacy groups are trying to change. Some treatment centers do help people with costs, which is good.

But yes, you can get life insurance and health insurance if you do have these conditions. But you should know that these conditions will affect your "risk factor" in life insurance policy and may cause premiums to be slightly higher.

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Yes, I meant ask the health care provider that you will be talking to.

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For health insurance there will be pre-existing conditions clause but you will get a policy. Ofcourse you will not be covered for those preexisting conditions.

For life insurance you will have to shop around and find good rates. You may get higher rates due to all problems.

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