Can you dye your hair when you're pregnant?

I am 3 months pregnant and my hair is in some desperate need to get dyed, my hair is black with hot fuscia underneath would semi permanant hair color affect the baby at all???

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actually you shouldnt dye your hair especially within the first 3 months because of the high hormones that your produsing, you hair may turn green and the toxics could affect the baby, try and find an organic product or wait when you are over the three months completely..

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Thank you I feel much better do you have any more tips I am new at being pregnant and its scares me a little bit, like my tummy feels weird a lot of the time and I only had mornign sickenss for like 3 weeks and that was it

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you can but just don't let the dye on your skin or scalp... that's what I was told while I was pregnant

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