Can you feed chocolate to a monkey?

Can you feed a monkey chocolate? help me if you have one please.

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DON'T feed your monkey anything that it wouldn't find in it's natural habitat. I can't see how it would do him/her any good. Neither would Cheerios to a cat, animals will generally eat anything you feed it...they don't know any better. Best to just stick to the foods you are SUPPOSED to feed your pets!!!

Your monkey is not a RAT, rats will eat just about anything...even the plastic around electrical cables, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to trial that on your poor monkey either!!!

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Yes all animals love chocolate just like we do.
HOWEVER: All animals except humans will die from it.
ONly humans have kidneys with the ability to process chocolate. ON all other animals it acts like a slow and painful poison. Never feed any animal chocolate, ever.

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...why you would want to is a whole nother question...I would say no, since t's poisonous to cats and dogs.

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Why not just skip feeding the monkey chocolate?? If he survives it, why get him hooked on it, anyway? Not to mention...keeping his teeth in good condition...they live an awful long time without chocolate in the jungles... NO harm...a simple rule with animals...You eat the chocloate.


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well its not to rats so I was just wondering!

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I wouldn't feed chocolate to any animal cause I am afraid that they might get hurt.

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chocolate can kill a capuchin, if they eat enough.

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