Can I get pregnant from swallowing c*m?

I am 13 I will be 14 soon I been seeing this 20 year old & will last night when my mom & dad went to sleep he picked me up & we went back to his house & went down to his room & were maken out then I started to give him a hand job then he asked me to give him head & I kinda was scared to bc I have not before but he told me it be ok & he pushed my head down & I started to give him head then he said he was about to c m & told me to swalo it & I did & my thing is if you swalo the c m can you get pregent & then also if there was still c m on his d * & he put it in me can you get pregent from that im scared I might get pregent then my dad & mom would kill me I need help..

Answer #1

First off you should not be sneeking out like that. but to get back to your original question the anser is No. the cmon has to go through your lower adomin to getto the eggs in your overies.

Answer #2

you wont get pregnant from swallowing, or from re-entry of the dudes penis. ejaculation occurs to give the sperm the nesscesary force to make it swim up your vagina into the womb. ure perfectly safe!

Answer #3

Sweetie, if you have to ask this, you should NOT be having any kind of sexual relationship.

No you can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm

Yes you can get pregnant from some being on his penis and then having “sex”

You really need to get away from him.

Good luck darling

Answer #4

that is against the law for a guy to take advantage of a young girl like yourself, im 23 and that seems really really wrong to me probley and a lot of other people, if anyone found out about you two he could get in serious trouble. you are to young to be thinkin about boyfriends enjoy you life there more to life than just men. you dont want to end up a young single parent, at the end of it all you will of wished you hadnt of wasted your teenage years on some bloke trust me I know

Answer #5

nope, not possible. but sweetie, why are you seeing a 20 year old?! that is kinda disgusting, no offense. but don’t get any ideas but swallowing c*m is actually good for you because it contains a lot of proteins.

Answer #6

Omfg, What A perv!, Im Not even Joking, I’ve Dated Older Guys Like This, He Just wants you for Pleasure, Girl your seriosuly insaine, I’m 15, and Datin a 27 Year Old, for a Month Now,And he said He’ll Wait Till when Ever Im Ready, And I no For A fact That He Loves Me Because Im Me, And HeDoesnt Want any Sexual stuff /with Me Antill Im Ready…

Answer #7

If you don’t know the answer to that, you should not be spreading your legs open too 20 year old men, or ANY guy for that matter. You’re going to be a mother at 14 if you don’t watch it. Having a baby at 14 will ruin your life forever.

Answer #8

First of all I think its wrong that these people are Telling you what to do & what not to do.

Well im your age, So I understand totally what your going threw.

All I can tell you is that you should use a Condom.

& Being that this guy is so much older than you, You should probrobly get tested & So should he.

Anyway, Its like 1 in a million chances for you to get perganet, You should just use protection from now on.


Good Luck.

Answer #9

No you cant cause I do it a lot.

Answer #10

You are too young for what you are doing. Not being judgemental but you are young and silly. You cant even spell correctly and you are giving head!!! Really slow up. No you idiot you cant get pregnant from that. Since your so young and silly why dont I put to you this way… If you swallow a watermelon seed, will one grow in your stomach? No right. Dont have sex if you cant even answer a silly question like that. You need a whoopin.Im sorry I started early too but hey I knew what was going on. Becareful before you have sores in your mouth or something. really this guy knows he has no business doing these things with you. Be careful.

Answer #11
  1. hes using you, ditch him
  2. No you can’t get pregnant if you swallow his cum
  3. No you cant get pregnant if there was still cum on his dick
  5. chances of you getting pregnant are high if you stay with him
  6. if indeed he does knock you up, dont expect him to stay, he won’t

its a cruel world

try someone your own age

Answer #12

thats wrong; I know you probably think its cool but no girl, I was in your situation before but I learned that when adults tell yo not to tell your parents or they sneak around with you its a bad idea

he is probably usin you hun. sorry.

Answer #13

wow… I’m not even going to comment on your inteligence. Anyways, the chances of you getting pregnant are so close to non-existant that your not going to get pregnant unless you did have sex, then there is a chance… The reason I say it’s not impossible for getting pregnant for swallowing is because there have actually been a few cases where that has happened and the girl was pregnant as a virgin. All in all. No. Your not getting pregnant, but you shouldn’t have done something like that if your not even aware of the risks..

Answer #14

if you swallow that theres no way you ‘ll get pregnant , now if there was that on his ya know then you can get pregnant all it takes is one strong one to servive and get to the egg my advice is make hime wear a condom thats very important plus I would say your way to young to do anything like that any way !!! you know if your parents found out you guys were messing arnd sexually your parents can get him for rape because your under age of 18…missv

Answer #15

unless your fallopian tubes are connected to your throat, no love, you can’t.

Answer #16

First off, I am 20 years old. I would never date anyone under the age of 18 and I find it disgusting that you’re only 13 and dating a 20 year old. Not so much gross for you, but gross for him.

Secondly, if you do not know about head then why would you give it? What if you COULD get pregnant from swallowing? You can’t but why would you do something if you had no idea the consequences of it?

Also, you’re 13 years old there is NO need for you to be having sex it is also illegal due to the age difference. If you’re worried about getting pregnant then either do not have sex, get on birth control or use protection. You’re young be a child first and then when the time comes sure you can be an adult but please be careful and use protection. Because chances are if you do get pregnant he won’t be there.

Answer #17

well.. im 16… and me and my boyfriend’s been doing a lot of stuff for a while… I was scared to give him head to, because we were eachothers firsts… swalowing cum can not get you pregnant…b/c when you do, your body eats it up like protien… and there wont be any… also… if he didnt go take a piss after he cumed in your mouth, there is a posible chance you may be pregnant if he stuck his d in your py b/c there is still cum on the tip… but, it depends on if he wiped it off and how long before he put it in, b/c it takes like a couple seconds for sperm to die after hitting the air.. also if you were near your ovulation days you can get pregnant… but if your on a 28 day cycle and you had sex w/ him after the 14th day… like 16th -your period date, I seriously dout it, because I read that after you ovulate it takes 24hours for the egg to die and dizolve on your lining.. I hope I helped…I still have qestions for myslef… but… your welcome

Answer #18

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! sweetie, you need to slow down! SUPERFRESH IS THINKING.. that there is only ONE reason he is with you, and that is because he knows that you will do anything he suggests you to do, you are wrong at many faults here.. FIRST OFF. number one. sneaking out. second. driving with him. third. even having sexual relations with his dumb a$$ because that is ILLEGAL. if you didnt know. NO. you cannot be preggy from swallowing cum, it is NOT possible, BUT YES. you can be preggy, if there was on his DINGALING when he put it inside of you. SHOULDA AT LEAST THOUGHT A SEC. to use a condom. BUT SINCE YOU DIDNT. sweetie. get to PRAYING. REPENT…REPENT. :] good luck.

Answer #19

No, you can’t get pregnant from swallowin c* but, baby girl your only 13-14; don’t you think you are a little too young to be having sex, much less sex with a 20yr old?? I’m not judging you because it’s your life and you can make your own decisions but please remember, in watever you do, be safe, whether it be sex, oral, aal watver be safe, use a condom every time. Don’t give in to the urge of “in the moment” sex. Always use a condom, be careful, if you can’t support a child do not have sex

Answer #20

OMG, I am 21 years old. I am angry that a guy my age would do this to a 13-year-old. You might be really mature for your age, but no decent 20-year-old would date a 13-year-old, no matter how pretty, mature, smart, fun, etc. she is.

What he did is STATUTORY RAPE. He has to know that, too. This guy is shady and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. I can’t believe he put his penis in you without a condom!!! If he’d ejaculated already, he very well could have gotten you pregnant.

btw, you can’t get pregnant by swallowing cum. The sperm in it has to meet your eggs, which are in your Fallopian tubes or vagina, depending on what time of the month it is for you. If you swallow something, it won’t come in contact w/ your eggs. Even if it cycles through you and you “pee it out” eventually, the sperm won’t be active by then, and anyway, pee comes out of a different hole than your vagina.

However, having a penis inside you without a condom can get you pregnant, even if he doesn’t actually ejaculate IN you.

Beyond that, though, this guy is a total sleaze, honey. I say this in your best interests. This guy is my age, and I can say with total certainty that what he is doing is WRONG, SLEAZY, and IRRESPONSIBLE. Any guy who loves you will NOT do things that could get you pregnant at 13. Any guy who loves you will not commit statutory rape against you. You really, really should stop dating him. If a guy my age was dating a 13-year-old, I would give him hell for it. Then I’d call the girl’s parents. He’s making you grow up too quickly, he’s having unsafe sex with you, he’s doing things behind your parents’ back- all bad things. Also, as someone who’s been 20, I know it’s not normal to date 13-year-olds. Men his age should be dating girls close to their own age, who are in a similar stage of life and want the same things.

Find a guy your own age, or just stay single for a while!

I say this because I care, sweetie. You might think you know what you’re doing, and that you’re being mature and grown-up, and that he cares about you, but when you get older, you’ll see he used you and committed a crime against you- I promise, honey. It’s not your fault, but now that you’re in this situation, you need to get out.

Answer #21

WHAT?! You’re 13 and he’s 20?! Sorry dear but this pedophile is using you. And seeing as how willing you were to go down on him I wouldnt wonder why. This is definately NOT a healthy relationship. You can’t get pregnant by swallowing cm but at 13 years old you shouldn’t be swallowing anybody’s cm. This man is an adult and you are still a child. Please end this ‘’relationship” before you get hurt.

Answer #22

WHAAAT I hope you know he ONLY wants you for sex because you’re easy, and if he tells you he loves you, he is LYING. no you can’t get prego from swallowing, but YES you can get preggy from riding his dong when there was still sperm on it. LEAVE HIM, STOP BEING SLUTTY!

Answer #23

first of all honey he is way to old for you!!! please leave that he is by law comitting statitory rape wich means sex with a minor if you really cared about him you could tell him to wait for you to grow up alittle or should I say a lot more he has no right having sexual intercourse with you or any type of sexual activities with you!!! one no you cannot get pregnant by swallowing cum…2 there is a low chance but still a chance of becoming pregnant when a man puts semen anywhere around your vagina he is a sick guy and if I met him ever in my life I would beat the living life out of him you need to leave him seriously way to old honey way to old !!!

Answer #24

First off what this guy is doing is morally and legally wrong. ever think about why a guy who is 20 years old is forcing a 13 year old to suck him off and make her swallow it? I think that if I was your father I would find this kid and beat him within an inch of his life, send him to the hospital and press statutory rape charges against him. you need to break things off with him inless you think that you’re “in love” with this piece of sh it because he told you things he has probably told other girls but those things don’t work on anyone around his age so he is PREYING on someone who is mentally and emotional immature. I’m not saying anything against you but you are 13 and really don’t have a comprehension about much of the world because you have not mentally developed enough to be able to understand things like romantic love. if he says he loves you it’s only to have sex with you.

what he is is a SEXUAL PREDATOR and you should not see him anymore. he is no better then someone who holds a woman down and forcefully rapes her. I think you should tell your parents so they can notify the law about him. he doesn’t really love you he only is using you for sex. don’t believe me? ask yourself this then. how soon after you two MET did he try to feel up on you and get you to do sexual things with him? what types of things has he told you in such a relatively short period of time that got you thinking about sexual relations with this guy? I think I want to hit him. hard. I wish I was closer to you because then I would report him to the police because what he is doing makes me sick.

Answer #25

well you cant get prego by swallowing but you can get prego by him putting it in u ! soo yea I think you should tell your mom and dad because that illegal for sumone to have sex wit you at the age of 13 and he is 20 even though you wanted it it is still called rap ok I learned that in health class lol! but dont have sex now man do it when your like over 18 because seriosly your going to regret it !

Answer #26

No, you can’t get pregnant from swallowing c*m. But, Honey, there are SO many things wrong with this question.

First of all, what the hell are you doing giving a guy head? You’re so young! You shouldn’t let that guy pressure you into doing something you’re afraid or nervous to do! And a handjob, too? Goodness! You should JUST be learning about this stuff in school! That’s what you SHOULD have done first: Learned about sex and all that BEFORE HAVING A BOYFRIEND.

Second of all, you are WAY too young to be having sex at all. Touching and giving oral sex is one thing. But actually letting him put “it” in you? Honestly, baby girl, you’re much to young.

Thirdly, what the HELL are you doing dating a 20 year old? How do you know he even loves you? He could be in it for sex with a young girl. Did you know that if your parents, or any other adult for that matter, finds out you had sex with a 20 year old, he can go to jail? It’s illegal, dear. You can tell whoever you want that you said yes to it, but they can still charge him for child rape. Until you are 18 yourself, you can’t have sex with anyone over the age of 18. So what you’ve just done is very, VERY wrong, both in the eyes of society, and in the eyes of the law.

Honey, you can’t be sneaking around, having sex, and dating a MAN. What if you COULD get pregnant from swallowing? Then what? What if your parents forced you to have the baby? You’re just a baby yourself! Take it from me, honey: Be careful. Stay away from the guy and just wait. If you still have feelings for him when you’re 18+, then you can go ahead and go back to him. I honestly hope that word of this doesn’t get out to your parents or anyone else for that matter. You and your man could get in serious trouble.

Answer #27

ok…everyone needs 2 breathe and chill…thsi girl did nothing wrong its fine..and no sweetie you cant get pregnent from swallowing c* me :) but I would b more careful but dont have any regrets beacuse you did what you wanted 2 do

Answer #28

omg, darling, I hope you’ve left him by now dearie…he’s a pedo, seriously, he even souunds like one of those stupid pervertd pedos! I’ve heard of cases that people get pregnant by swallowing bt it’s like 1 in a million I presume~ whatever it is, pls don’t waste your lyf like this when you’re oh-so-young okay?

Answer #29

Wow im 14. No way would I do this with a 20 yr old. First you should end things. Second I dont think you will be unless he hd sperm on his finger or anything he put inside you. If youve missed your periods get it checked out. But dont go with this guy again. He might hurt you.. Good Luck x

Answer #30

ok im 14 I understand were your commin from I lost my virginity at 13 I do not advise you to have any relation ship wit a 20 year old exspelally not a sexual one I was going to date a nineteen year old a bout a month ago he was sweet kind and fine but I thought about it there is a reason why he cant find someone his own age think about it sweetie yea your havin sex wit him now but what if you want to stop will he let you? if you do get pregnant will he be ther for u? the only reson why I had sex that early was becasue this guy is my best friend I talked to him everyday for 6 months and dated him for 2 I knew if I got pregnant he would take care of it and help me but to answer your question no you cannot get pregnant from swallowing BUT for another story the last time I had sex I gave him head then we had sex no protection now I have ALL the symptoms of being pregnant I fell like crap and I have to deal wit somuch that someonne my age shouldnt deal wit im not gona judge ucuz I no how it is but talk to me if need anything

Answer #31

First Off You Need To slow Ya roll Str8 Up…I Started Having sex At 14 But I always Use Protection..this man is too young for you 2 be even conversating with..he can go 2 jail and he need 2 go 2 jail cause you might not no better but he sure do…anywayz no you cant get pregnant by swolling cum..but you could by having unprotective sex lil are defently 2 young for that you have a long life ahead finish school and go to college before you think about me on this that man is trying to take advantage of your Young Mind..Grow up and realize he just want you cause you young and obviously going to do anything he tell please just cutt him loose and date sumbodii your own age…and plus you dont know what this old man got..disease’s are everywhere please just use protection if you going to continue 2 do what ya do.

Answer #32

First off, no, like everyone else said you cannot get pregnant from swallowing. secondly, I hope to god you educaate yourself or you will end up pregnant. This 20 year old is disgusting for being with you when you are still a child. Thirdly, he could have diseases for all you know, if you are going to be stupid enough to stay with a guy that old, you should make sure he gets tested for STD’s and make sure you see the report as proof. Fourth line of advice is…he is raping you according to the law, whether you consent or not…watch out…he’s a preditor

Answer #33

I’m with jinx13 on this! I’m 20 and I would date anyone younger than 18 because its the laaawww! duuuhhh! you can’t be very smart because if your parents find out about this then he can go to jail for basically rapping you. he forced your head down there and then put his penis in you when your only 13?? yea, that is rap and then the funny part about it which makes you look not too smart was that you were like “OK! I’ll do it!” he’s using you because you are young and he knows that he can control you in anyway that he wants. you might be like “no” but its the truth. Like every women knows this. its easier for a guy to force a girl to do something when she is younger than him…

now to answer your question… no you can no get prego! cum has to be fresh when it enters you and even if you swallow it it takes a long time to read your eggs that helps to get you prego.

Answer #34

no you cant get pregnant just use protection and learn the difference between wanting to and being forced to. if he pushed your head there and you felt uncomfortable you should not have done and I hope you will use better judgement in the future and pleasae be careful!

Answer #35

Woahh. you’re 13-14 having sex with a 20 yr old… he’s definitely using you. no doubt;; if he wasn’t, couldn’t he find some legal?? guys like that go for younger girls because their an “easy target”.. && they don’t knoe better. I wouldn’t go above 17 if I were you. but that’s your own decision. the older the guys get, the more they expect sex. you could get a home pregnacy test to see if you’re pregnant because there is a chance you can be pregnant if his dingaling had cum on it while you had sex with him even if you swallowed.

Answer #36

whoah hunny ok so you say he pushed your head down ,? you know that is considered sexual abuse in a form… honest to god your so young you know you can get stds and sh , some of which are incurable/ fatal…let alone the fact that if you mes around with this s* yes you can definitely get pregnany babe…and holy f* hes like 7 years older than you hunny…come on, try to keep it at least to like 17 or something ok? if you have anything to ask me im here for ya…( srry if im at all rude, my bad)

Answer #37

I agree, this is totally illegal, not to mention…you’re 13?!? Hon, I’m only a few years older than you and I can’t imagine doing that, especially in junior high! But no, swallowing doesn’t have anythign to do with pregnancy, but sex, yeah. Use a condom, and this isn’t an insult, but think before you make decisions like that. If he forces you at all (like you hinted), you need to do something about this. Tell someone if he hurts you, please!

Answer #38

okay…what happened was rape. you’re too young to be having sex of any kind and with a older guy who should no better…

you won’t get pregnant from swallowing cum, but if he put his penis in you with cum still on it, yes, it’s possible. you better fess up now and face the music…then wait it out. your 18 year old guy should know better…

what happened is illegal in all the states and I’m sorry sweetie, but you shouldn’t see this guy again until you’re older.

Answer #39

okay sweetie. I assume you barely know this guy. you should’ve thought about using a condom while giving him head. you can’t get pregnant if you swallow cm. but what if he’s HIV positive? or what if he has any other STD?. the reality of it is that he’s 20 years old and has way more sxual experience than you. you don’t know where his dik has been!!! and if he penetrated you while cm was still on his di*k there’s a chance that you might get pregnant. if you’re not, take this as an experience and please don’t make the same mistake again =).

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