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I had asked a question on why I was loosing weight for no reason and I had discovered that some people had said I had an eating disorder. I have always been very thin, and have always wanted to be skinner. I never relized this coudl be a possiblity. Can it be possible to not realize and and not want it?

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The answer is YES!

There is so much commercialization that makes it look "in" to be thin that you subconsciously start doing things to make your body "fit" that notion. It becomes like an addiction which you can't control. It actually becomes a "mental" problem which is why it is so hard to rescue someone from such harmful behavior.

I think you have now realized your situation and I hope you will make a concerted effort to correct the problem.

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of course thats possible. skinny isn't the answer to being happy. Eat food!!! Theres sooo much yummyness out there. Enjoy your life, put on a couple pounds. Be healthy!!!

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