Can they take my home...legally can they contact my children?

I am in deep fiancial debt. How did they get unlisted numbers and address of my children. Help me. I paid credit card debts until I used up all my money and have only my social securty and home with mortage.

Lawyers cost too much. What can I do…..

Answer #1

It looks like you’re headed for a lifestyle change. Obviously you cannot afford your home, and you are facing the possibility of losing it. I’m a guessing you are elderly or disabled if you live on social security. I don’t know how you got into debt in the first place, but if you’re at a point in your life where you depend on social security, it doesn’t matter, you will probably not be able to handle it. Your best course of action is to mentally prepare yourself for some changes.

Most people are not good at dealing with change, and they will cling to their homes and die in a tornado, rather than move on to something else. You can make your own decision, but you are fighting a losing battle, especially if you can’t afford a lawyer. Talk to your children, see if they can help you. Try to walk away cleanly if you can, and be thankful for any good things you get in life. Many people have to let go of important things, but don’t let go of your peace of mind. Move on if you have to, and don’t worry about the things you can’t control.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Answer #2

an0m1n0s - Thank you for your advice, but it did not help my fears. I am not going to give up. I have a daughter who is handicapped living with me and needs me and the home. I did contact a bankruptcy attorney, she said she would call back (have not heard from her) It is possible that I can get the money for an attorney from someoneelse, but to ask them will be the last thing I do, butI will if it comes down to the bottom line. My money was taken by paying credit cards interest - it’s more money they want. Guess what, they are still sending me credit cards. I did not have much money while working after mortage, and a handicapp van equipped and borrowing from my 401k. It took credit cards to live on for food, utilities. I could have said “no” more, but when you are down to your last penny after paying their interest, bang here comes the credit card out….I do not have credit cards anymore and never will want one again. MY HUSBAND DIED 35 YEARS AGO LEAVING ME WITH THREE CHILDREN TO RAISE, EVERYTIME A CREDIT CARD CAME TO OUR HOUSE HE WOULD CUT IT UP. I DID NOT WORK AT THAT TIME, AND HE SUPPORTED US WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS, I NEVER KNEW WHAT MONIES WE HAD AND DID NOT CARE. BUT HIS STATMENT WHEN RECEIVING CREDIT CARDS (IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY IT, YOU DON’T NEED IT) AND HE WAS SOO CORRECT.

Answer #3

I agree, your situation isn’t hopeless, but it isn’t rosy either. It sounds like there’s several options open to you that you should start making phone calls about.

Answer #4

I forgot to mention that if somehow you can afford to get an attorney, you may be able to keep your home in a bankruptcy. Look in the phonebook for bankruptcy attorneys, most of them will speak with you for free before you hire them.

Answer #5

Have you tried to get welfare and food stamps? If you were using credit cards to buy food, and you have a disabled child, you don’t work, and have 2 other children, you shouldn’t have a problem getting help from the state. Do you collect your husbands social security? Does your disabled child get SSI? You need to call social services and see what programs you qualify for.

Good Luck

Answer #6

hi if your daughter is handicapped,you should be abule to get attorney,through the state,my son is hanidcapped and wears braces,i have to stay home with him to ,because he really needs my help,talk to your daughters state woker about this,does she have a state worker?they help out woth alot of thingseven attorneys,i was told that by my sons state worker if i ever needed one they would help me out to get one,i well be praying that things work out for you,your friend,adriana

Answer #7


Mostly people file for bankruptcy when they have financial crisis. Maybe filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you to clear out all your debts.

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