Can they realllyyy freakin sespend me for thisss!

I got tookin out of honors and sespendded with 5 other friendss. heres why:

we were playin tag and we were running around the whole school and pushin kids and eachother down the stairss.

I know it was wrong but come on’ sespendeddd!

you think its riteee? my mom thinks it a lil too harshh because we apoligizeddd to the kidss in the nurse, but my friend kept laughin so we all staretd laughin and got in more troublee.

do you think its riteee?


Answer #1

I’m surprised you weren’t expelled…

Pushing kids down stairs? That’s endangerment!

Shame on you for thinking it’s a game…you wouldn’t have been laughing if one of those kids broke a leg…or worse!

Be thankful you don’t go to school here. You’d have been expelled and charged.

Answer #2

Kind of sorta right. But depends on how long your suspended. If your suspended for like 3 days thats agreeable. At my school a punch is 4 days suspension. Since you had contact with a couple of people it can sort of be considered as a punch because it was just “dangerous play”. I got suspended for a week for threatining a brown kid with a knife.. just a week, I got of easy :P

Answer #3

I think I would have done something like that. =) but I think your mums right, thats a peedie bit too harsh for a silly peedie game like that. I meen a peedie punishments fine, wouldn’t you agree? but a suspention. na come on thats just harsh.

Answer #4

It is a little too harsh. I don’t think suspension was the answer. Maybe something like iss. (in school suspension) for a day. lol I got that a lot!

Answer #5

me and my friends got put in this room in the basement for sespension, every dayyy forr the whole school day.. for the rest of this month. and thats not punishment cuzz all we do is talk..

Answer #6

well … they can suspend you becuase you could have gotten someone hurt by pushing them down the stairs.

But as to your being removed from honors … that is based on your academic work in the class room, they should not have taken this way from you.

You should go back and talk to them about it .. accept the suspention … but fight the removal from the honors program … you earned it with your class work not your behavior at school.

just keep your grades up and make sure that you do not let the suspension time cuase your grades to slip .. but stand up for your rights and let them know that you made a mistake but that they should not punish you by takeing away the honors that you worked so hard for.

Answer #7

Well, in some ways you deserve it, in some ways you don’t, I think, you should not have taken the honours away from you, that is too harsh, and I think that suspension is a bit drastic, but I think that they thought that you weren’t getting the messege when you were laughing when being told off.

It is a very dangerous thing to do, somebody could have been seriously injured, it was rather immature, it wasn’t really a smart thing to do…

Keep working hard at school, and don’t let your grades slip though.

Best of luck

Answer #8

suspended yes … you could have hurt someone … pushing them down the stairs … but to take you out of honors no .. honors is based on your academic grades!

They should not have taken you out of honors becuase you earned it with your hard work in class … accept the suspention … but fight the removal from honors.

but make sure that you do not let the suspention time cause you to miss out of the class work .. if you can maintain the high grades they will have no arguement to stand on .. you earn the honors based on your class work.

Answer #9

u really shouldnt have pushed those children down the stairs. thats really bad cause one of those kids could’ve been seriously injured. I think they could suspend you but they shouldnt take you out of honors since honors are based on your academic progress. I agree with josephdavid that you should talk to them about being removed from the honors program. im in honors too and I would hate to be removed from it since I worked so hard.

Answer #10

mostly. taken out of honors? too much. playing tag in the hall very immature. maybe a saturday moning detention at the most, and a little school community service, but not suspension. How long is it, and is it in school or out of school?

It was really wrong to be pushing kids down stairs. You could have crippled someone. Apologizing and then laughing after made it seem like you didn’t mean your apology.

Answer #11

dude wtf I was so bad that people ended up in the nurse yeah thts pretty messed up

Answer #12

at my school you would probably get in school for maybe 2 days!!!

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