Can she be pregnant

I just need some me and my girlfriend had sex after dating for 3 years we used a condom every time and I pulled out every time...she usually gets her period towards the end and beging of every month and hasnt gotten it but she says she has been worrying though that she could be pregant this being her first time and pretty much my first time I was just wonderin if you had any answers for me? thank you for any advice

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I doubt that she is pregnant don't worry too much until you know for sure otherwise it can put stress on your relationship... my husband and I had a lot of mishaps while we were just dating I.e. the condom broke and I wasnt on birth control, but I have only been pregnant once and we were trying... so dont worry give it some time have her take a test and see what happens

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You mean do we know if she's pregnant? No...
Could she be pregnant? Yeah. If the condom ripped, she has a high chance of getting pregnant, even if you pulled out. pulling out does NOT work.
If there weren't any holes or rips in the condom, I wouldn't worry too much. But its still possible.
If she's worried, her period could be late due to stress, because that can delay periods.
Give it a week, then have her take a pregnancy test, its the only way to know.

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uh, I think your girlfriend is not pregnat. if the condom riped then you'll have like 50% chance she is pregnat but if you took it out before you cummed then probably she's not pregnat.

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well I wasnt asking you like if you know if she is pregant...I was just wonderin what the chances were...and I know pulling out doesnt work but its gotta be safer than just leaving it in...and yes I used protection and no the condoms didnt break and there were no holes I checked...and we have only had sex 3 times and I never came the first time...

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kk thank you very much...yea it was her first time haveing sex dis month and she has been worrying about it... and to be honest when she worries I worry...and I know it is very low chances if I wore a condom and it didnt break or there were no leaks and I pulled out...but still

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