Can i put an earring as a lip piercing?

Because I cant get a real lip piercing until fridayy

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yea dats what I used 2 do just depends how thick it is

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yes kyra
but some kid who works at the salon or mall who went through 2 hours of peircing fruit to get a peice of paper does NOT count as a profesional
and your friend cant be a PROFESIONAL peircer because there are too young
peircing means your going to come in contact with blood
and to do that you need to legally be 18
unless you work at the salon or mall and use the stupid gun
and have no REAL training

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first of all, Its not idiotic at ALL to peirce anything by yourself, it depends on the person, and just so you know, a professional is considered anyone with the lisence to peirce witch is SO easy to get, my 16 year old stoner friend has one.
Second of all, schoools with or without dress codes DO NOT ban them,
and opposite of jobs that find them unattractive or unprofessional are jobs that prefer you to have them such as clothing stores like Hot Topic, or Claires, places that SELL peircings, and not to mention peircing and tatoo shops. and its possible to get clear peircings as well.

Any way you CAN put an earing in there[my friend did it and it turned out PERFECTLY fine], but you will have to stretch it a bit when you out the labret in. I would keep the earing in if its the only option, just so the hole doesnt close up. Just remember to not be stupid, and clean it every day after every meal.

be safe and good luck =]

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that’s why you shouldn’t be an idiot and pierce anything yourself
an earring does NOT belong in your ear
if you put a stud in there
the backing will constantly stick into your inner lip and cause a giant crater to form
one that if constantly there, will NOT go away and can cause a horrible and disgusting infection/gaping hole
and if its a hoop earring, its too THIN to fit in the hole
so it will close down to that size and you WONT be able to fit a surgical steel labret/ring in there without forcing it through, and causing bleeding, longer healing time and most likely an infection
take the stupid thing out
wait 3 months for it to heal and get it professionally pierced
if you cant be bothered to get a hole in your flesh professionally pierced
you shouldn’t be getting one AT ALL
and you obviously don’t know the consequences that can come with a facial piercing either
so be aware that school with a dress code wont allow them
and most jobs consider facial piercings unattractive and unprofessional

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No, you shouldn't use a regular earring in a lip piercing. You need to get a lip piercing stud to put in there. If you really couldn't get one until Friday, then you should have waited 'till then to get it done.

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i say yes cuz some people would not be able to find or buy a stud so yes

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No, to insure your safety you should immediately go to either a piercing shop or a store such as claires, pagoda, spencer's, hot topic or even walmart and get yourself an actual lip ring or labret to properly fit your piercing. If the earring is left in it can cause complications within your mouth (gums) and the surface.

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