Can I go into the military?

What do you have to do to qualify? Like, what are the steps and what exactly happens?


Answer #1

Go to a recruiter and talk to them, but speak to them first about it, don’t just jump right into it, then decide what you want to be in the military (e.g medic, pilot etc). Then sign up (: If your talking about the army in the UK what happens is you go a base for 7 weeks, but you don’t see your family, but you can write to them and call them and everything, this is where you learn how to march, history of the army etc your not learning about what your job would be yet) then you have a weekend I think is you can spend with your family and friends. Then you go back and you have another 7 weeks of training, you sometimes get to go places to (when my brother went through this he went paintballing, france and stuff), then after that 7 weeks you have your passing out parade, where you parade around your base, following the commands the leaders give you (your friends and family can watch the passing out parade), the parade lasts for a while. Then afterwards, you can go and speak to your family and friends, whatever then go home. (Btw in these 14 weeks you do get paid, also you make loads of new friends). Then you have a month at home then you go for the training at a second base, to have training in the job you want, where you have leave for christmas etc, and come home whenever you want.

Btw I don’t know if all that would happen with you, this is just what happened to my brother, but I think it was happening all around England, so probably. If you have any questions about it, I’ll give you more infomation (:

Answer #2

Btw also, I think they do a fitness test before you start any training, so try to keep as fit as possible just in case. Also they’re allowed to drop you out of the job anytime in the 14 weeks, but it’s unlikely because with the Iraq/Afganistan war going on they’re trying to get loads of new people join the ARMY, but they would make sure you have been trained propaly, just make sure your fit and healthy for your training.

Btw I don’t know much about the RAF because even though I go to the atc, none of my family are in the raf, but I do know that there training is shorter, 12 weeks I think.

Answer #3

it is the ASVAB, I would suggest the army, as I am in the army. but the army has the most variety of jobs available. just make sure before you decide to join, you can do 13 push ups, 45 sit ups, and can run a mile in 8 mins or less. if you do this before you join your career will start of much smoother

Answer #4

Yea they preatty much got it…I’m army and I love it. I am a little nervous because I’m deploying to afganistan in the next month…but I have to say I am very well trained. They tought me a level of dicipline and respect and achevment I had not and would not of experinced if I dis not join. I strongly encourage you to atleast try it. If you have any questions please feel free to message me and I will answer any questions or conserns you have. Good luck. ARMY STRONG!

Answer #5

Call a local recruiter and talk to them. The air force would be great as I have had friends that went into it. I went into another branch and hated it. Yes you can choose what you want to do in the military as long as you have the asvab scores. You can take an asvab at the local military entrance processing station(MEPS). You will also need to make sure that you are emotionally and mentallly ready to do this. One big piece of advice. If you decide to enlist and get ready to ship to basic and change your mind. LET SOMEONE KNOW. Else you are stuck

Answer #6

first decide what branch you want to join and take the asvab test. next is see if you qualify for being an officer or enlisted. officers need to have a degree. then there is a physical exam at a federal building. once you pass physical, then you sign a contract and get sworn in. after that you go to boot camp, coast guard is 8 weeks long and challenging.

good luck

Answer #7

You join, a recruiter brings you for a physical. You take a military test to see how smart you are and determine how much of a bonus they will offer you. Depending on what you are joining for they send you to different basic training camps where you get trained for anywhere from 2 months to 4 months depending on what you want to do in the military. After that they assign you to a station that could be anywhere across the US at any military base or even Korea or Germany. They ship you off to your station and you work with your unit there until you get deployed.

Answer #8

take a military test

In high school, it’s the ASFAB…armed services…something :) test.

I skipped it…thing is, if you do go into the military, you don’t have much option what career path you end up in. And, suicide is highest among returning war veterans.

But, it’s one way to pay for college (or get your loans paid, which is why I did look into it, but, changed my mind).

Answer #9

Thank you all very much. =]

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