Can i get pregnant 5 days before my period is due and then still ha

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you need to know your cycle, I would say most women cannot get pregnant 5 days before their period.
This is my chart and maybe this will help you understand. My period comes on the 2nd of every month, my cycle is about 29-30 days ( this is the amount of time from first day I start bleeding to the next time my period comes) I am most Fertile from the 14th to about the 16th day of the month. I bought ovulations strips and started using them on the 13th, 14th, It was negitive I was not ovulating, Now on the 15 I am. And you only ovulate for about 24hrs, give or take.
So you really need to know your own body and know the days from one period to the next. There is a great ovulation chart on the First Response web site.
We cannot give you a solid answer to your question.
However, THIS IS NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL nor does it protect you from STD's. Sorry if this was TMI but I can only give you a example based on me, and I am trying to have a baby, Not as easy as you would think.

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Yes, if you got pregnant right before your period - you would still bleed when your period is due.

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Rhythm Method

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You CANNOT get preg while having your period! The only time of the mo. you can get preg is when you are ovulating,,,and each womans time is diff...

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its usually 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after,,,if its a "true" period, you arent preg...yes, you can have breakthrough bleeding during preg, but it isnt a real period

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You can get pregnant any time in your cycle, there is absolutely NO safe-zone so you could most definitly of gotten pregnant. As for the period - many women experience light bleeding in early pregnancy but its not as heavy as a regular period nor lasts as long, it's generally a bit of spotting. If your period came as expected, is normal flow, and lasted the normal amount of days it's most likely just your period.

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The rhythm method is an excellent form of birth control...
there are millions of catholic babies born each year that can attest to it.

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Thanks Ethmer, This women it 34-35 years old, I was just stating my opnion that I don't feel this should be used as the ONLY form of B.C if she does not want to get pregnant. Or Get a S.T.D. I did not want to make this a religious answer and go over all the different beliefs.

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Sorry, Harleyrider, but the Rythm Method is, I believe, still the only birth control method that is accepted by the Catholic church. Granted it is the least reliable method but millions of women use it.

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