Can you get pregnant from having unprotected sex on your period?

I was wondering if you could get pregnant if you have unprotected sex but you're on you period!

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no way. that is the safest time to have sex - the egg is not in the right place, the cervical mucous dosen't allow sperm through, and you are shedding your endometrium - so where is implantation going to take place?

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Ya, I thought there was a better chance of it happening when you were on your period, but I don't know, so dont take my word on it

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yes actually you can...its a little harder. but i was in a similar position with my husband. we had recently (our daughter was three months at the time) had sex while i was on my period and several weeks later i thought that i was pregnant. so, i did some research on the web and found out the seamen can live up to three days in your body while your on your period. so i do suggest that you say protected all the time.

What if me and my partner had sex and the condom slipped off inside of me will we are still having sex is it a possibility that i could be pregnant?
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Yes...but that would be disgusting to do on your don't do it lol!

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Yeah, you can... but I have a question... can you get pregnant if your not on your period?

me and my gf had protected sex a week before her period now shes late can sex make it late shes 15 im 16
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You can get pregnant at ANYTIME when have unprotected sex. No matter where you are in your cycle there is always a possibilty of getting pregnant when having sex unprotected.

Doesn't my period mean I'm not pregnant?
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Well im on that position right now. I had unprotected sex March the 16th with my boyfriend. Right now we not together. Im about to have 3 weeks that I havent have sex. Im agoing to wait to the 6th to have a pregnancy test because i have to wait more then 2 weeks to have a pregnancy test. I have had sex with him alot of time unprotected and he has cum on me. Im still wondering if theirs a possibility for me to be or get pregnant. But my answer to u i think yes u can get pregnant having unprotected sex while u on ur period.

Hellp? How do you masterbate on your period?
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I had sex whilst on my period
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The answer to your questions is, 'Yes.' There is a possibility that you can get pregnant while you're menstruating. The egg that is waiting to be fertilized can be fertilized while it's in the uterus.

Once the egg is fertilized, there is the possibility that the zygote can implant itself along the uteren wall, release hormones to signal your body to start producing chemicals in your body to begin the gestation cycle.

Many women even have some bleeding while they're pregnant and mistakenly think that they've started their menstrual cycle.

The best thing to do is wait a couple of weeks, get tested with an OTC (over the counter) pregnancy test.

If it's false, then you're not pregnant, if it's positive, go make an appointment with your GYN and get a check-up.

Remember, if you're not planning a pregnancy, please use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancies and contracting STDs.

Don't let the "heat of the moment" cloud your judgement. Stay safe!

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Hey Chicky,

Though possible, it is highly unlikely that you will get pregnant during your monthly menstrual cycle. During your period, your body works to shed the uterine lining that it has been building up over the last month, in preparation for pregnancy. When you don’t become pregnant, small uterine contractions begin, encouraging the unfertilized egg and unused endometrium to be shed from the uterus and through the vagina. This means that there is no egg in the fallopian tubes to become fertilized and no lining to help a developing embryo to implant properly.

This being said, there is a small possibility of pregnancy during your period. Women often mistake slight bleeding that can occur with ovulation as their period. Unprotected sex at this time can greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Additionally, sperm can live in the female reproductive system for up to three days. Because some women ovulate at the very end of their menstrual periods, sperm may still be alive at this point, and able to fertilize an egg.


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it is possible, but the likelihood is not as great as when you are actually ovulating. it isnt a stupid question, its happened to me, and I was freaking out. just take a good branded pregnancy test to calm your nerves. anything is possible, but it is not to likely in this case

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I wouldnt know the answer to that im in the same boat I had sex with my boyfriend 3 times and the very next day I started then had sex while I was on it and I think I could be pregnant but I dont know bc he dont think he can have kids due to his oldest being 12 years old but he also thinks he could have a little girl out there with his sons mom

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Can you get pregnant after you had your period without having sex?

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