Can i drive in a empty parking lot at the age of 14?

Im 14 years old and I really wanna learn how to drive and im really mature for my age. I will be 15 next year and I wanted to get my permit but I still wanna have a experience of driving before I do
So I wanted to know is letting a 14 year old drive in a empty parking lot illegal in the state of missouri

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I don't know about missouri but in california you sure cant! Driving with out a permit (with adult) or license is illegal.. Wether its an empty parking lot or not its still illegal.. Honestly.. it better just to do it the right way.. Get your permit (and I don't know how it works there?) But over here we have to take classes (Drivers Ed) if were under 18. I just took them and I have a permit and I see it as better because they give you all the pointers and tips and show you how to handle a car. They also show you how dangerous it could be especially if your a teenager.. (mostly all teens are carefree). We get in the most car accidents. So my advice to you is do it the right way.. Why drive illegally? Get your permit and then you can drive all over (with a parent) without the worry of breaking the law!!! Hope this Helps!

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In this situation the mature thing to do is wait until your 16.

what will happen if im cought driving at 14.

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well technically you can drive, just dont get caught *cough cough* XD
get a really cool older person to drive along side in the passenger.
you dont want to regret anything. My cousin was cool enough to let me drive for awhile when I was 15. Just for fun though of course, not to learn

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Only if it's your own property.

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Only if it's your own property.

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You can't operate a vehicle *anywhere* without a permit.

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