Can I access the internet through cellular phone system?

Can I access the internet through cellular phone system?

Answer #1

Yes, if you have what is known as a WAP web access phone. Motorolla RAzor phones, and Sanyo Katana’s are web enabled. I set my web access default to Google, but have yellow pages on-line, and several other programs. It cost a little more per month, but is very handy. Unless you have one of the new phones with a complete QWERTY keyboard…it is a bit slow as it is like texting with a regular key pad, and the window is smaller, so it takes longer to get the info you need.

Answer #2

If you have a phone that has a built in WAP cabability, then you can access the mobile internet through your cell phone. If not, then you might consider upgrading to one that lets you do so.

Answer #3

w/ the right phone

Answer #4

Depends on the phone, as well as the service.

Answer #5

Yes, you can access the internet using your hand held device as long as it supports WAP or HTTP.

Answer #6

In almost every business , cellular phone play a important role through internet.Because it can handle many task by the help of internet like transfer data from one person to another,communicate more than one person at a time within a network.

Answer #7

Definitely you can access internet with cellular system with your WAP Application feature.

Answer #8
  1. Plan ahead: Before you can start researching IP-based phone systems, you need to have a clear understanding of the features and capabilities your business and employees need. Do you need an auto attendant, voice mail, call forwarding, or “follow me” capabilities? Knowing the features you currently use most and are likely to use in the future will help determine which phone system will best meet your company’s needs.

  2. Back-up land line and Internet connection. Having one network for voice as well as data saves you time and money, but you can’t afford to have your business come to a screeching halt if there’s a system failure or power outage. For that reason, you should have a regular phone line and a backup broadband connection.

  3. Session Initiation Protocol support. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol used for controlling communication sessions over IP. SIP-based VoIP phone systems can give you additional functionality, such as providing the ability for multi-user conference calls and enabling click-to-chat on web pages. This increases the value and usefulness of your phone system, and allows you to serve customers better.

  4. Flexibility. Small businesses Phone System are dynamic—constantly on the move. You need a phone system that allows your employees to be productive no matter where work takes them. Features like single number reach allow employees to program their phone to forward calls to the number that’s best for them (such as a cell phone or home phone). Remote workers need access to the same professional voice tools as your headquarters employees. Future branches of your business need to seamlessly integrate into your phone system

  5. Sound quality. We’ve all been on a call with bad sound quality. It’s frustrating at best and unproductive at worst. Good call quality is essential to your business. Make sure to test the sound quality of the phone systems you’re considering before committing to a system that fails at the basics.

  6. Scalability. As your business grows, you want a phone system that can grow with you as you bring new employees on board or add a credit card terminal, for example. Being able to expand your phone system

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