Can hamster mites spread to humans?

Can hamster mites spread to humans even if you shave them really good?

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Yes they can and I and a freind are living proof that they can , we both obtained mites from our hamsters and I especially hive many many wicked bites all over my body I had to go and get medicine for human s for mites and steroids for the itching as well as get meds to treat my hammies, expensive sort of because I have 4 hamster and many many other pets

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Omg yes you can!! My family has been itching for months! They look like a misqoute bite but itch much worse. The mites are tiny black specks and are barley noticeable.

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Yes, they can and do defnitely spread to humans!!! Myself and my roommate just got finished figuring out that our bugs were hamster mites after I picked up the hamster cage and wound up with a couple dozen on my hand...and that was just on one hand!! Needless to say, we have treated the hamster for them, but the treatment did not work, so we are forced to get rid of the hamster. The mites are almost invisible to the naked eye, but those are the babies - and they can jump, like fleas.

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yes, my daughter had them crawling on her

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The information I have does not mention humans:

Mites are usually transferred by contact with other animals or from hay containing mites.

The mites will irritate the hamster's skin and so the may hamster scratch excessively. The skin may also appear sore and there may be some fur loss. On close inspection the mites may be seen as small specks moving through the coat of the hamster. Some mites are more easily seen in the dark under torch light.

Mild cases of mite infestations can be treated with an anti-mite spray designed for caged birds or small animals available from pet shops. The head of the hamster should be shielded to avoid spraying into the eyes and the body sprayed. The cage should be cleaned, sprayed with the anti-mite spray and clean bedding should be provided. This treatment should be repeated as directed on the anti-mite spray.

Hamsters suffering from mites should be isolated from any other hamsters or animals and be placed in a room of their own to avoid spreading mites to other animals.

If mild cases fail to improve within a day or two or in cases of severe mite infestation, or if signs of Mange develop veterinary treatment should be sought. A vet can take a skin scraping to confirm the hamster has mites.

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Yes they do transfer to humans and itch like a mother efer. My daughter notice little bugs on the hampster they are minute in size. I picked the hampster up and was like omg I itch like crazy can only imagine how the little hampster felt

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