Can guys take birth control pills?

Yes, I know they can. Just want to know if anything bad happens if a guy takes them for a couple months evry day, then stops.

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Taking birth control pills will feminize you, but will also chemicaly castrate you, causing your penis to shrink over time, lose the ability to have an errection, stop producing sperm, and lose your sex drive. Not to mention that it can cause heart problems in men.

If you want to grow breasts then look at "Can men grow breasts from breast enhancement pills?" on this site, where I describe how. This also won't cause you problems with your penis, and infact may boost your sex drive. Just be careful with the saw palmenno, without it you won't grow anything, but too much can cause health problems, so you have to balance it.

If your looking for all over feminization, you'll have to talk to your doctor in order to get estrogen, however this will probably destroy your penis as noted above unless you work with your doctor, and make sure he knows you want to keep it.

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me and a few mates have been slippin birth control pills in2 my brothers food for the past 5 months HE IS NOW A TRANNY!!!

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Estrogen is naturally found in the male body but in smaller quantities than a female's. If a guy were to raise his estrogen level by taking birth control pills, it could cause serious damage to his body and affect his long-term health. It is not something to play around with.

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ummm I guess ya can if you want to lol by I dont see why you would...its not like you can get high off these things anyway.

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Can guys take birth control pills?

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the female hermone Eastrogen, will be at to high a consentrate in your body. breast enlargement is a possabillity and blood discharge from your eurethra. I think you'd understand if I advised against it?

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Umm I don't think they would do anything..
why would a guy want to take birth control?

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I would recomend doing some pilates and yoga classes to help reshape your body in conjuction with birth control pill. I know my waist is starting to pull inwards with this form of exercise but still not sure if I want to go ahead with these pills. I would love to know how big my breasts will get if I try. I just want to look like, act and feeel like a natural female

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It contains female hormones like several people have mentioned and im not sure what mtf transgenders take but its probably something similar in higher doses
I dont think it necessarily hurts them, but they do take it to become more feminine, breast enlargement, I think it might effect your voice, maybe change fat distribution? either way unless you want to become more like a woman I really wouldnt take them, and if that's the goal, I'd go to a dr and let them tell you the side effects (all drugs have side effects, and especially ones that mess with your hormones!)

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like is says above female hormones are in the birtch control pills, it's not ment for men.

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well my girlfriend feel sicks everytime she uses bc,i am thinking to take one,is it any pill available for guys please contact me

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