Can black hair be colored by using store bought hair color dye?

Can black hair be colored by using store bought hair color dye? I want to be a brunette. every time I try and dye my hair it comes out with a red tinge to it. I don’t want red. Is there a store dye I could buy that might turn my hair browner and not red? How about blond? I don’t even mind blond. Just not red, red is getting old. Anyone got any tips?

Answer #1

I am a professional stylist specializing in haircolor. The problem you are experiencing with your hair turning red is very common. As hair lightens, it goes through the color spectrum and, since yours is so dark, it is pulling orange. You can certainly use store-bought products to color your own hair, you just have to follow a few simple steps. Clairol makes wonderful, professional quality products, and, yes, they are fine to use on ethnic hair.

It is very, very important NOT to use any other chemicals on your hair for AT LEAST one week after coloring. If you have used any chemicals prior to coloring, wait for AT LEAST one week before coloring.

You need a permanent color to get the lift that you desire. Decide whether you want dark brown or medium brown hair. Do not go any lighter than medium! Pick a tone. It is best to start out with a color that has a cool or neutral undertone. These are labled ash or natural and reduce the natural warm undertones in your hair. Do not wash hair for one day before coloring. This prevents stripping the hair of its natural oils. Now that you have your product, follow package directions and apply to hair. If the color still comes out too red, it can be corrected by applying a semi-permanent color like Clairol’s Natural Instincts in a brown of your liking. These colors are deposit-only and serve to tone the color to the perfect shade. Good luck!

Answer #2

well my hair was pitch black right now its brown and once I had blonde highlights

so yes you can dye your hair brown or blonde

depending on your hair type you might want to ask a professional at like a sallys beauty store if you have one in your area or pro beauty store

Answer #3

To colour black hair brown it is advisable to “lift” the colour first by bleaching it to a lighter colour and later colouring it the desired brunette . To go blonde from black you need to actually bleach hair a couple of times to get the desired colour and I recommend you do that professionally. changing black to blond is a big change and one that requires commitment cuz you have to keep bleaching it as soon as hair grows back. Also all that bleaching is not good for hair no matter how good the product.

Answer #4

I dyed my hair black for 2 years (naturally dark blonde) and had the colour lifted about 6 months ago at a hair salon.

It took 5 hours and they ‘bleach cleansed’ my hair, stripping it of the black pigment. However the magority of my went a sort of light shade brown and the roots were bright orange! I have to go back there in about 3 or 4 months to have it bleached out more so that the new shade of red I have is even more vibrant.

In my experience - no shop bought dyes will do a good job over black dyed hair. But I suppose it depends on how reglarly you dye it! I dyed it too often, and kept dying ALL of the hair.

Lots of bleaching and dying can weaken the hair and cause it to break and fall out so be careful and make sure you get professional guidance.

Answer #5

I dyed my hair black , and then decided I wanted to go blonde- like Ashley Tisdale’s colour. I used a hair lightening kit which contained bleach (this was bought from a store) I then put blonde hair dye over it. I strongly recommend you have it done professionaly as mine went bright ginger! I will enclose a photo so you can see the horrible colour my hair went. (not that ginger hair is horrible, it was just the colour if ginger that mine went) My email address is if you would like any more info!!

Answer #6

I have naturally black, thick hair and about a year ago I decided I was tired of it and wanted to go red. Well, I bought the store dyes. Nothing I bought would make it the color on the box. Afterwards all I had was black hair with a red tint when I got in the sun. Then I decided I wanted to be blonde. Oh God!! I started with Loreal Hair color remover which turned it a yellowish orange! Gross!! Then I took a blondeing product, either Loreal or Revlon and that made it even worse!! But it will now take any color I want to put in it! The point of my story is if you dont want to go through all the mess and time (and sometimes the sorrow) that I went through, go to a salon. The extra money will be worth it!!

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Answer #8

Before you die your hair bleach it blonde then die it brunette :)

Answer #9

NO STORE BOUGHT COLOR WILL GET YOU BLONDE!!! you will have to go professional. Store bought has 20 volume in the box so it will only lift 2 levels, black and brown hair have a red undertone. No matter what you do it will be red. if you go over the counter lightner you will most likely turn orange, only professional lightner will lift higher with gaurenteed results.

Answer #10

go 2 a supply store,& look 4 a bottle,there small,& it should say,’’brown rinse’’. or wateva color,dnt buy dye,buy hair rinses. there healther 4 ur hair,dey hav sum kinda condioning hair shine. it wrked 4 me!

Answer #11

I have tried every hair dye out there. It is because the natural red in your hair. It may not look like there is any but there is. It reacts with all the chemicals in the dye and that is what happens. I have even tried to dye mine darker and it turns purple! I have to get mine dyed professionally or it just won’t work.

Answer #12

If you want the brunette go to a pro. . . See a hairdresser that is highly recommended from someone you trust. . .

Answer #13

Of course you can. To get great results, I would recommend dying it blonde, or bleaching it, first. Then put your brown in it. But if you don’t want to loose all your hair within the next few years, leave it blonde for a day or two to let your hair follicals come down.

Answer #14

use a hi-lift dye if you have natural black hair, loreal feria has 3 hi-lift brown dyes

Answer #15

i dyed my hair a soft black & want to put a light ash brown over it wat color will it turn out?

Answer #16

yes youcan dye black hair with store bought dye. if you bleach it first.

Answer #17

yes you could dye it another color all you need to to is start by using a color thats maybe a shade lighter than yours like a dark brown and go from there,

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Answer #19

They say that if you want to dye your hair lighter that you should only go two shades lighter than your color now or else it will pull red. My mom has had the same problem with dyeing her hair. She likes blonde hair but she has dark brown she has dyed it mulitple times by herself and it pulls red. The best thing is to go have it done professionally :)

Answer #20

I have naturally black hair and I wanted it red. it stayed that way for about two weeks then turned brown. I would advise you to use a bright red color and wait a couple of weeks. It’ll turn a nice light brown. I know you don’t want red but it worked for me even though I wanted the red

Answer #21

well I would recomend you just putting carmel highlights in your hair (it would give an affect of medium/light brown hair) or waiting for the black in your hair to fade because to dye over black you would need to bleach it which could make your hair break or fall out, but if you simply cant wait then go to a salon and get it professionally done.

Answer #22

Uhmm… There are AFrican american dyes that will work!! dark and lovely or hi-rez… buy a brown from dark and lovely and leave it in for way longer than they tell you.. virgin hair takes best to dye… forget the feria and you dont need a salon! go to a beauty supply and buy wella or clairol dye get a ash color to get rid of the red!!… get two bottles of watever brown color you want than but either 30 or 40 cream developer!! it doesnt strip your hair… its just the activating time goes faster… sheesh!

Good Luck

Answer #23

Doesn’t anyone know that most of the professionals use dyes from beauty supply stores such as Sally Beauty Supply? Anyone can go in there and buy the dye and the developer. In my experience, using professional dyes from a beauty supply store works better than store bought boxed dyes. Especially the bleaches. You can buy the lightening powder and a specific developer that work wonderfully together.

Answer #24

you need to go to a beauty supply store and buy a bleaching kit with 40 volume developer, bleach your hair to orange, and then dye it the desired brunette shade. the bleach will not damage your hair , because you are not leaving it on long enough to. You do not have to bleach to yellow or white because your not going to blonde. just remember to buy a good conditioner for your hair anyways, and a trim wouldnt hurt either… GOOD LUCK!!!:)

Answer #25

any ash-brown colors that have peroxide in them will be fine. you ned the peroxide permanent color to lighten your hair and the ash toner to make it brown and not reddish. Also try the purple or blue (old lady hair) “silver” shampoos for gray hair which is meant to take the yellowy reds out of your hair color

Answer #26

heyy NEVERR use store hair dye that mess up your hair get it done in a hair place they will help you with the color problem aand make youhh hair look a lot betterrr!!! TRUSSTT MEEHH!!!(: GOOD LUCK!

Answer #27

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Answer #28

I think she meant the color black not the texture black…

but if your hair is its natural color (not dyed its natural color), you can dye it any way you like. however if it is previously dyed it is very hard to change, the darker the harder. a lot of my friends with naturally black hair tried the bleaching to go blonde, and it generally comes out with a goldish color (pretty nonetheless). but like I said if you still have dye in your hair it is very frustratingly difficult to change. what I learned to do is use hair dye with no extra chemicals to make it PERMANENT; use semi-permanent instead and it’s easier to override (given time; don’t dye too soon after the other, it’ll destroy your hair quality!).

Answer #29

YOU CAN’T LIFT COLOR WITH COLOR. I could get your hair to lift to a medium brunette…but that’s me. To be blonde you would have to bleach it. So therefore I recommend going to a salon and asking them to do it for you. It’s kind of hard…but it can be done.

Answer #30

Try L’oreal Super Blonde Creme Prelightener. You can use it to lighten your hair then use another colour dye afterwards, or if you apply the prelightener then watch it as the colour changes, you can get a nice shade of brown then wash it out before the time stated.

Answer #31

So if I use dark and lovely ‘red hot rhythm’ on my dark hair it will go that colour str8 away?? that seems to good to be true : S I find that my ends are a lil darker than the top and although no one pulls me up on it I notice it and it drives me crazy no matter wa I do ! It was also said to leave the colour longer than what it says on the box… how much longer?? xx thanks guys xx

Answer #32

I am having the exact same problem at the minute. Have tried every die that there is and am still left with black hair with a red tinge to it. I have given up and am ging to a hair dressers on saturday to get it done properly!! wish me luck!

Answer #33

yesv if u leev it on 4 ages

Answer #34

To color naturally jet black hair to a lighter shade is no problem at all. If have to use a high lift brown such as the loreal feria high lift brown collection. This is a series of professional hair color which takes black hair and lifts it a beautiful wearable soft brown without the unwanted brassiness. After taking your hair to a soft wearable brown you can liven things up by adding a few streaks of blonde highlights. What I recommend is the Loreal Feria Caramel Blonde highlights it will show beautifully on a soft brown shade.

Answer #35

That wouldn’t be a good idea… Why not highlights…if they turn out wrong..just cut them out=)

Answer #36

hun, im sorry to tell you but no it can’t I just got my hair stripped yesterday from the black color. beleve me I know where your coming from I died my hair black thinking it was cool and I liked it a lot but then summers here so I wanted something new and I wanted blonde so I went to the store and bought 2 blond box’s of hair dye it only died my roots =\ so I had no choice to getting it stripped, I got it stripped and it came out a platnum color but then after you strip it you can dye it any color you would like.just once you dye it you can’t die it again for awhile. my hair is really deadd but if you put mayo in your hair as a conditioner it will make it softer. (: good luck.

Answer #37

yes you can I have don it plent of tine tin kass a copl of times ferst you need to put a lttnet on it it go from tips to ruts then go braw it shod go if not add a nother brawn it shod be a light shad of brnm tho it will go xx I have got level A in hardresing.

Answer #38

You wont beable to lift your black hair without going to a salon and allowing them to do what they have to do. Black hair is very hard to lift, but can be done. When you do this you have to tell the stylist you pull red and orange tones.

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