Can anyone give me a list of animal testing free cosmetics + candy?

Can someone give me a list of cosmetics with animal testing and a list of cosmetics animal testing free? Oh and a list of candy/snacks/softdrinks that have animal testing and a list that are animal testing free.

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Yeah the body shop has a range of different cosmetics, from lotions,perfumes to lipglosses etc...but also palmers coca butter is animal testing free...the products that dont test on animals will usually have a label saying so.

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I think The Body Shop's cosmetics are all free from animal testing and they can be purchased online if there are no shops near you.


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here is a great link that will give you a list of friendly companies -

and this link will give you a list of the companies that do test on animals -

you might want to visit for more information.


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ooh thanx for the info it really helped

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Body shop

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something for thought...

“Although The Body Shop maintains that they are against animal testing, they do not always make clear that many of the ingredients in their products have been tested on animals by other companies, causing much pain and suffering to those animals. They accept ingredients tested on animals before 1991, or those tested since then (if they were animal-tested for some purpose other than for cosmetics). There continue to be concerns about the enforcement of their policy. Also, some Body Shop items contain animal products such as gelatine (crushed bone).”

The Body Shop maintains that it only uses animal-derived ingredients that are “suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.” According to its policy on animal-derived ingredients posted on its website, the company does use ingredients “where the harvesting of materials does not cause harm to any animal.” The company insists that it will not use ingredients that cause the death of an animal or are byproducts of animals killed for other reasons.

Ingredients that the company allows include honey, sometimes identified as Mel (bee food replaced by less nutritious sugar syrup when harvested from bees); beeswax, sometimes identified as Cera Alba (beehive “glue”); shellac (from insects that drain sap from tree bark and secrete resin); and lanolin (from the fat in sheep’s wool).

Why Lanolin is Not Cruelty-Free
Contrary to The Body Shop’s assertion, lanolin is not a cruelty-free ingredient. To say that wool production does not cause cruelty to animals is an understatement.

In one of the most egregious practices, sheep are selectively bred for wrinkled skin that yields more wool, and this attracts flies to lay eggs in the moist wrinkles. Sheep have been known to be eaten alive by maggots. To prevent this, ranchers in Australia, one of the largest wool-producing countries, perform “mulesing" - the practice of cutting large pieces of flesh off of the backs of sheeps’ legs and around their tails, all without anesthesia.

When sheep age and their wool production declines, they are sold for slaughter. The wool industry also participates in widespread wildlife “damage control,” killing animals such as kangaroos and coyotes, which it believes negatively affects wool production.

The Body Shop Could Do Better
Knowing this makes The Body Shop seem like a less-than-ideal company for those concerned about animal rights. They could find alternatives for the animal-derived ingredients. There is synthetic lanolin available, and there are honey alternatives, such as agave nectar made from cacti.

At least the company is up front about the fact that it does use a limited number of animal-derived ingredients, and it labels all of its ingredients so consumers can make informed choices. But buyer beware: The company uses Latin names for some of the ingredients, which they claim is due to European labeling regulations.

As cosmetics companies go, The Body Shop is not perfect, but it is better than most. From an animal rights perspective, there are other animal-friendly cosmetics companies that may fit the philosophy much better, including Beauty With Compassion and Beauty Without Cruelty.

I am not trying to burst any bubbles about the body shop but if you are trying to go TOTALLY animal might want to look elsewhere...

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The Bodywork Cafe offers 100% organic and cruelty free skin care and body products call 877.805.2912 and ask to speak with Gayle. She is the owner. She also works with a company that makes organic antioxidant confections.

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