Can a girl ask a guy out?

Can a girl ask a guy out? Does anyone know??

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yes!! most of my guy friends say they find it sexy when a chic asks them out, it shows confidence. but others say not. I would just turn the guy your interested..and let him take over.
xoxo Britz

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most definatly.
when I was with my man dee, it all started because I asked him out.
he loved how I just stepped up to the plate and asked and didn;t just hint.
that is what he loved about me it shows that you get what you want and you don't care bout what people thinks. it shows that you are very confident in yourself.
but if the guy says no you just say, "okay, well I gaurentee a month from now your going to be regrettin that answer" don't like freak out and get all embarressed.
because that way people will talk, and you will look like a lil p*ssy. but yeah.
definatly ask guys out they love it when you ask.

hope I helped.

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ya of course

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can they ? shure can if they can tlk.
should they ? hm. I dun think so.
personally I wouldnt.
its all on yu tho.

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yes my wife did and we are a very happy cpl

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I don't see why not. Guys may be scared or nervous about coming up to a hot girl. If that hot girl likes him it might take her starting up the conversation.

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