Can a felon get a job in Tucson AZ

just moved to tucson frome so cal oilfeild work most my life I’ve been here fore 1month cant find a job I think its becaose my felony im a 24yr old male can anybody give me any advise

Answer #1

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Answer #2

I know these posts are old, however I thought I would share this information. I am a 2 time felon in state, ad have had very good paying jobs. You can apply for your case to be expunged, vacated, set aside. Depending on your state. Once your case is over, I filed my paperwork 6 months after probation from my second felony, and it was set aside from my record. You do have to file in each court of conviction. But it is worth it, and it is really our only hope for convicted felons. Yes lying on your application works sometimes. But filing in the court is a sure way.

Answer #3

in response to the “realperson” answer, about the girl who was convicted of felonies out of the state…Well yah I have a job too if I was an out of state felon. Most places only check in state, it’s easier and cheaper. So thanks for providing false hope to those of us who are in state felons. I’ve been clean for 2 years, without any help from anyone and I have 20+ years of manufacturing under my belt and have been unemployed for almost 8 months. The economy sucks and felons have become the easiest non hirable sector for what is now the “employers market era”. What I suggest to job searching felons with or without skills is move out of state, or change your name once off paper…otherwise good luck there are jobs out there felon or not, if you have transpo, a driving priveldges and a lot of time your own vehicle. It’s officially a dog-eat-dog type economy. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to convey negativty, just the truth of this “realpersons” situation. And I am not saying there isn’t any work, you just are in for a struggle to get there. Another idea if you haven’t thought about it…go to college and get a degree in the medical field or an industry that will always thrive(which is a people type industry), but do your research first, your felony type will decide what field you can or can’t work in, and most felonies are forgivable after 7 years OR if your off paper you can request a “motion to set aside charges and rights restoration” thru your lawyer(free if it was a legal defender or public defender or a lawyer contracted with the state-in other words your lawyer was free basically).Once all this is granted (if it hasn’t been 7 years since the date you were convicted)you can honestly check “no” to the have you been convicted, plead guilt, or no contest, etc…type questions-violent offenders and sex type offenders I am unsure of though. Whatever the case I do wish you the best-this is from a person who’s been there and done that, and knows.

Answer #4

Hello, I am a 29 yr old female. And I am here to tell you that although few, far and inbetween, their is hope… I have 2 convictions, both for possesion of narcotics. I moved out of the state I received the felonies in 3 years ago. I am now drug free, have a new drug free husband, and a brand new 3 month old beautiful little girl (also drug free, ha ha, lol) Although, for identity purposes I do not want to tell you the exact state I recieved the charges in, I will tell you that I lived in the southern part of the us and moved to the midwest. Thank god for this move, because it did truley save my life, but that is a whole other subject and story. Now back to the job for convicted felons situation. Like I said before I have a 3 month old, so I just recently started looking for work, it has been 1 and 1/2 weeks since I started my job search to be exact. I applied for a position doing office work… Yes, the company does background checks, and no I did not check the box for convicted felon, hense, I LIED… So, went on the interview, the interviewer loved me and loved the experience I had. Checked all of my previous employer references, and of course loved them tooo. To make a long story short she offerd me the position pending the background check results and of course the infamous drug test, which of course, I was not worried about at all for once in my life. So I was biting my nails for 2 whole days and thank to the lord jesus up above, I was called and told my background check came back good and they want me to start very soon. All I can say, is keep on trying. I mean think about this, if we spent half of the energy we spent doing drugs and breaking the law on finding a job, we would have sooo many job offers we wouldn’t know what to do with them. I know this counrty is on a very fast downward spiral, and I no longer believe that this is the land of opportunity, it was a very long time ago, but not anymore. I know that things are really hard out there, I know becuse I too have been through it, all I can say is use your head, really try, eat, sleep, and drink getting a job and something will eventually come along. Stay away from big corporations, look for a small, medium sized companies that don’t do background checks, they do exist believe it or not… As for me, I got lucky and am very blessed. The employer that hired me, only checked statewide, had they done it nationwide, I would have been screwed. Good luck to you…

Answer #5

No, Not really…Good Luck!!

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