Why do we now call supper "dinner"?

and lunch used to be Dinner?
What happened i was talking to my grandpa who was telling me about this, can someone help?

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Not all people do. It just depends on where your from on what they call it. Here, we still call it supper.

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Like Ashley says. It depends on where your'e from. Did you move from one state to another recently? Dialects and... (brachysphasia.......errorrrrr.......regional speech variances?....ACCENTS!!!)
... accents Influence the synonyms people use for day to day events.

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I have never heard lunch being called dinner. For us in Oz, "supper" is more of a late night snack but dinner is dinner and lunch is lunch. Breakfast can be called brekkie or brunch.

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maybe everyone is afraid of last supper

What word is right...DINNER...Or...SUPPER?

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When I lived in Maryland I heard people use the word dinner more than supper, but now in North Carolina the word supper is preferred.

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Supper is like an after dinner snack.

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Here in North Carolina supper is like the big dinner meal where you sit at the table.

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...my grandmama. Calls it dinner O.o

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