call of duty, halo, and gear of wars

does any one know about these games my boyfriend really like them and I would like a little background on them if you can thanks!!!

Answer #1

There all awsume games, Call of duty is a WW2 game firstly based in japan and then goes to germany. its a graphic game, its got really good multiplayer on the xbox360 aswell, HALO is like a futurist shooting game with loads of cool guns and machines to kill with. And gears of war is basically a shooting game as well. =)

Answer #2

haha don’t worry. my boyfriend talks about them a lot too. I have an older brother so I know the base of most of these games…run around and shoot stuff.

Answer #3

they all are kinda violent gears of war bein the most violent. but call of duty goes over some historical stuff that happened in wwII. halo isnt THAT violent just killing basically.and gears of war involves chainsaws. put two and two together with the chainsaw one lol

Answer #4

HeCk YeA I know BOUt THm! ThYrE fUll Of GUNs & KiLLinG… I HAtE ThoSe GmEs Bt StILL loVe Thm In A WAy! haha lol

Answer #5

I’ll give you stories.

Gears of War takes place on a dystopian future on the planet Sera. Sera is a world much like earth, and the Serrans, who are humans, live much like us. Until wars about gas break out. After the wars ended, a species of sentient creatures called “the locust horde” came out from under ground, seeking a new home on the surface. A large war breaks out, nearly wiping out all of humanity. You fight in this war.

Halo is set in 2552, when Humanity’s fledgeling interstellar empire comes under attack from a collective of aliens, known only as the covenant, attack, declaring humanity an affront to the gods. Humanity gets pushed back nearly to earth, when a near earth planet, known as Reach, is attacked by the covenant. The planet is wiped out from orbit, and a lone cruiser, the Pillar of Autumn, makes it into hyperspace, using coordinates from an alien artifact. The ship carries the last operational SPARTAN-II, a super soldier designed to fight pirates, but repurposed to fight the aliens. They come out of light speed at an ancient alien installation, known only as halo. I could go on if you want.

Call of Duty 1-3 and World at War are set in World War II, and you can look WWII up.

Call of Duty 4 is set in a dystopian future where a terrorist takes control of a middle eastern country, and ends up detonating a small nuclear device. Meanwhile, while the US fight in the mid east, the british SAS carries out covert operations in Russia, where a civil war is taking place. The russian seperatist leader, Imran Zakhaev, launches multiple nuclear warheads at the United States Eastern Seaboard. You save the day.

All games are fun, but may not be your style.

Try to play them with your boyfriend, it will give you something in common and something to do, and will help your relationship.

Plus, he will find it awesome that you are taking interest.

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