What do you call a guy that falls in love with a girl, but then when a pretty girl comes along, he dumps you and goes for her?

Answer #1

A Player? A guy who takes advantage?

Answer #2

a fool

Answer #3


Answer #4

i AGREEE!!!! to ya’ll

Answer #5

a smart guy

Answer #6

He probably wasnt in love with the first girl - and in some ways hes a player but in others… hes just like most guys on this earth

Answer #7

just as haloyeah said a player he bounce he neve rlike that girl

Answer #8

ahhh noo

Answer #9

yeah this was the word i was thinking while reading this..alot of guys are so ignorant..lmao..

Answer #10

a d*ck face, what else? if he wants to act like one you might as well give him a condom to wear on his head.

Answer #11

a dumb a.ss

Answer #12

First of all dont get me wrong ladies…but guys do have the right to change their minds in a relationship. After dating someone for a while, you get to know a different side to them every day…hell I should know, happened btwn me & my exhusband…were together for 9 years but married for 7 & in all of those years he played me for a damn fool! Lies, 2 face lovey dovey…just when I thought i knew him & thought i had the best guy…i started seeing changes in him…from the little things to the big ones.(like picking fights & starting arguments for no reason) Then one night after 9 years of me answering his cell, he starts running out the shower to answer his cell & says dont touch my phone…obviously he was trifling… a cheater…So, moral of the story is…no matter how many years you can be living with a person a significant other, doesnt mean you know sh!t about them…dont kid urself…we all hv our shades of gray…we only show them when nec…usually when its close to being over!

Cant blame a guy for having his feelings changed…in time people change…too much hurting one another, resentment towards one another & love does fade slowly bit by bit. It aint all roses…so dont get mad…Always get even! :P

As for this guy…if his only reason to break up with girl 1 bcz girl 2 was prettier…then he is a pathetic @ss who deserves every girl to dump him for a cuter guy! :P Dont sweat it…plenty fish in the sea…hotter then him…smarter then him & who will treat you better gf! much sisterly love!♥

Answer #13

i would tell him YOU KNOW WHAT ? and if he says WHAT? i would tell him SCREW YOU with smile then i will go and have fun :p

Answer #14

Apparently the guy isn’t in love with his girlfriend if he is open to be with other girls.

Answer #15

an asswhole

Answer #16

A player or thats a tpe of person that is lik lookin for ppl better than u or whoever…

Answer #17

id call him a Tw*a tbh if he goes for looks then hes an idiot to be very honest its not all about looks, its about whats inside and if he only goes for looks you deserve so much better

Answer #18

A liar. He’s not in love with anyone.

Answer #19

A typical a** hole.

Answer #20


Answer #21

And A*s hole. that’s what my boyfriend’s thinking about doing to me right now.

Answer #22

Hes not inlove, probably inlust.

Answer #23

he not only takes advantage he is a player a liar a basterd omg my list could go on

Answer #24

A jerk!

Answer #25

listen up .im 12, but ALOT of experience with guys . theres a WHOLE BUNCH of sht you can call him . i called my current boyfriend a dck after the first time we went out and broke up . this is kinda long, but if you wanna hear about MY experience, read on . soo i have this friend, who i would say its my BESTfriend BUUUTTT we’re more like sisters . we fite alot, but we will always love eachother AS SISTERS &can NEVER STAY mad at eachother . but enuf about us, her name’s Jessica . &the boy who dumped me for her is Isaias .

soo, isaias was going out with my friend Hannah but they broke up like the second day of school . he was in my 5th period so thats how i met him . and the FIRST day of school, we were getting our seats &i walked in front of him to go to my seat and when i did, he whistled and i turned around and looked at him &he was like daaaamn and i hella started laughing lol . &then me and a couple of others were invited to this party, &isaias was there . i was dancing with all my friends but my eye was deffinitely on himm . there were a couple of guys just watching &a couple dancingg . isaias was on the couch . so the girl that was throwing the party(meghan) came up to me and said hey ima hook you up with one of these guys . pick one ? &i said idgaf just pick one, &she grabbed isaias and brought him up to me we started dancing&we danced all nite . best believe my legs &ass were fucken SORE . i was going out with someone on that nite, but just since a day before &i was really likingg isaias so i dumped michael for him . then the next day, isaias calls &asks me out .<333 082910<3 i was sooo damm happy :D then we dated for like 2 weeks . he never met jessica before, and she was going out with this kid casey . one day afterschool me &ishy &carlos were at the park hanging outt then jessica&casey walk upp . so we all hangoutt and smoke hahaha ayee dont judge . i dont do it often or alone &im not addicted . but ANYWAYS . the next day (saturday) exactly TWO WEEKS of us going out , he calls me &we talk . cos everynite he calls me . everynite he tells me how much he loves me . this nite, he told me he hd to go, &he told me he loved me ,bye . and i said it back . he called like ten minutes later, &said hey whatsup i said noothing. &he said i found someone else. i was like wait what ?! and he said i like Jessica and i was like you like jessica ? &he hung up . i was sooo pssed i started cryingg . Monday i saw him at school, i didnt have the balls to slap him thou . &he would ask for hugs &i fcken mugged the SHT outta him .
before we broke up he would say he was gonna switch outta his 3rd period p.e. to be in my 6th period p.e. but i never thot he would do it . guess what . he was in my p.e. thats when i was like OMG FCK MY LIFE DUDE . and he called me that nite . asked why i muged him . i told him how i felt and he said he dumped me for her cos he heard she was a hoe &wanted to get some &i wouldnt give it to him . yeauh we kissed, but nothing than that . apparently it wasnt enuf . but thats his fault, i dont EVER make the first move . and yeauh , also he said she talked him into it . thats when i was like WAIT HOLD UP REEE-FCKIN-WIND . and i was mad at jessica so she called him and started cussing him out while i was on the line then he called me while i was on the other line to see what she would say &to get the truth out he asked ‘’did you tell her e v e r y t h i n g that happened ?’’ she replied ‘’what ? …no .’’ and then she called him while i was on theline &he was just tryna get at her. &so we kkinda kept doing that back and forth . i forgave isaias &got over jessica . i went out with 2 of his hella good friends and one of them is a dck to me now …wont even look at me . i never did sht to him, he dumped me cos my friend locked him out of my house while we were eatingg and theywere outsidee (we were high wit the munchies) and he blamed it on me &dumped me . he wont talk to me or even look at me . whateveer . and i would tell isaias EVERYTHING . he would listen &help me out . he would be sooo good to me too . me &isaias started ‘’talking’’ for two straight monthss . he would tell me he HELLA regretted dumping me &jessicas a stupid ass hoe &a strait btch . &hes always loved me &never stopped . &he never felt SHT for jessica . well, i never stopped loving him EITHER . fck my life rite ? yeauh . well me and him would talk about losing it to eachother . &eventually he asked me out again . exactly 2 months after we started going out the first time . yepp its november 8& we started going out 102910<3 its different thou . ive seen him once the whole time we been going out cos he got off house arrest on nov.3 yeauh hes been expelled for awhile . well he snuck out on halloween….he didnt come see me. he was supposed to come see me TODAY &insted he went and smoked with my friend Natili &so i was kinda ignoring him then he started calling me a bitch in EVERY text . then like an hour later he called me 5 times . i ignored 4, and answered one . but i didnt say anything , i put it on mute . he said helo ? helloo ? hesounded sad . but i hung up cos i couldnt stand to hear his voice . and its been different this whole time we been going out cos the first time he would call me atleast 4 times a day &he would call me babe &tell me he loved me atleast 27 times a day but he never tells me he loves me on the phone or in person anymore, never comes to see me, never calls me babe on the phone or in person anymore, &it seems like he just doesnt care . i still love him for some reason better guys are tryna get at me, ones that will treat me right but for SOME REASON i stay with isaias &let him tret me like sht . idk why . maybe hes just going out with me to get some ? but thats my story . bye</3

Answer #26

a jerk nd a dumbass he will reget it some day how that quote says dont leave the one you love for the one you like bc the one you like will leave you for the one she loves

Answer #27

A douchebag , seriously why would a guy leave the best thing thats ever happended in his life just for a pretty girl ? because he wants someone to hook up with that pretty girl or the girl he fell in love with wasnt enough for him , thats very retarded and i seriously cant stand guys like that.

Answer #28

When a guy does that… that probably meant he wasn’t IN LOVE WITH THAT GIRL. He probably loved to be around her and talk to her. Just know that it wasn’t you that caused it. Just the dude and his hormones.

Answer #29


Answer #30

sex drvin as a guy we try to find sumthn bttr but sooner or later thers som 1 out of there league , thas wat u should try to b the girl out of his league to pick the 1 out of the weeds

Answer #31

umm…a retard concidering your hot as hell anyway

Answer #32

a pathetic excuse for a man thats what

if a guy can do it to 1 girl he will do it to the 1 he left for when somebody else comes along

what goes around comes around, he will get his comeuppance :)

Answer #33


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