What makes Call of Duty so successful as a game?

Im taking an english class but really its more of a popular culture class and i am supposed to look at a franchise and i need to analyze and figure out why its a successful franchise or whatever. so i chose call of duty. and i want to know why people like it so much. and why it sells so much.

Answer #1

I’d say it’s a mix between many things. For one, it’s quite graphic (it has messed up zombies, hell dogs, lots of blood, etc). Some people are into that kind of thing. Secondly, there are many different levels you can play. Thirdly, it’s quite easy to get the hang of. I think I did good after maybe only two tries? Last, but not least, the option to play online in teams with random, real people makes it 1,000 times more fun. You can seriously communicate with other players, help them, etc. The online part is probably the best part.

Answer #2

Boys like shooting things in the head. Makes ‘em feel manly. And girls like to impress boys by playing the same games as them. =P Boom, marketing success.

Answer #3

i dont get the multiple levels thing. would u honestly wanna replay a whole story line but make it harder. it like re wrinting harry potter but with a larger vocabulary.

Answer #4

Firstly because COD 2 was an excellent game and people expected COD 4 to be good as well.

Secondly the game play was different from any other shooting game. It varies from counter strike which was one of the top games as well as other FPS. Then it’s easy to learn, you can LAN with it and play over the internet. Oh and the perks you get when you level up is also quite cool.

Then their marketing for COD 4 was also brilliant. And if you are into professional gaming or tournaments you would want to redo it and make it harder so that you can be the best player.

Answer #5

it’s fast. easy. and addicting. placed in reality makes it relateable and honest. built in audience with america. it’s fun. easy shooter. has rewards. reasons for continued play. basically comes down to more bang for your buck without feeling like a complete nerd for spending that much time on it.

Answer #6

cod has been around for 8ish years now and i still say the original and its expansion pack united offensive are the best. its not played much now. pc gamers are sticking to cod 2 and cod 4. but what made them so popular was they were made very good and of course having dedicated servers for teh series also makes them popular. untill cod6 that was and this is why cod6 was a fail in the pc gamers eyes.

its now getting a lil out of hand i mean cod7 in a few months and with cod8 (modern warfare 3) already confirmed for 2011 its taking the biscuit i think.

so in short they became so popular due to them being so good.. not so much anymore but they used to be.

Answer #7

I think the best part is talking to other people around the world.. Espically if they are british british accents are awesome Ex: THE #^%$ ARE YOU DOING REDDOG105843 YOUR GOING THE WRONG MUTHA $^$&%^ WAY YOU #%^%**%$^%^&^$#%%%#$.

Answer #8

to prove your skill to others.

Answer #9

I hate how mainstream the game has gotten I used to love spending hours on CoD 1 online just getting kills for fun - none of this Killstreak rubbish. Now everyone’s so obsessed with getting Killstreaks they’ve forgotten about the fun of just getting kills.

CoD 2 also a fav.

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