Do you have a calender on your wall? What is the picture on it?

Mine is a cute yellow lab puppy :D

Answer #1

Tinkerbell :]

Answer #2

Yes, it’s one a drew on a clear plastic sheet so it works similar to a dry erase board =/ Unfortunately it has not been updated since the first week of April or something.

Answer #3

Mine has a horsey on it :)

Answer #4

a cute cat or kitten picture a small pic for eachday lol

Answer #5

Mine has ice cream on it. xD

Answer #6

Mine has little kids with cancer asking for money :( and no i’m not even kidding either.

Answer #7

beautiful lol

Answer #8

Zodiac; watercolor portrait kind of deal.

Answer #9

mine showes some sort of banana pie or something

Answer #10

i dont have a calendar in my wall. In the living room upstairs, there’s a calendar of a lady in a bikini (whisky model), in my parents’ room, they have a calendar of buddha (we’re not buddhists though), in another room, there’s a generic calendar without photos on it.

Answer #11

I put in a full wall white board in my room:) just write important stuff on it when i need too:) incidentally i intend to make a How-to soon about that:)

Answer #12

girls mountainbiking.. (mudbunnies 2010)

Answer #13

lol mine is a monkey XD

Answer #14

yup its a pic of a teddy bear sitting by some pink flowers

Answer #15

mine got monkeys on there and a few other jungle animals

don’t ask xD

Answer #16

At home, I got the Forever Friends Bear calendar and at work I got 12 hot AFL (Australia Football League) men, one for each month of the year. All have clothes on but are absolutely delicious to look at.

Answer #17

last year princesses and now…no picture. just white

Answer #18

Every single year since we’ve been together (going on 9 years), my fiance and I have had a Pug calendar.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve bought my Mom a calendar called either “Best friends” or “Best buddies”, where each month has a dog + cat in a photo together.

We like animals :) I actually found photos of both online. I’m a dork.

Answer #19

mine has robert pattinson on it… :)

Answer #20

Harry Potter haha

Answer #21

dogs n cats lol soo cute!

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