What does it mean when someone says that they have cable television?

I know it sounds like a strange and stupid question, but in my country we have 3 varients of television you can get depending on what you can affort, normal, m-net and DSTV. What is cable, what else do you guys have except for cable and is it more expensive that the other or not?

Answer #1

cable television is a kind in which the data is transfered to ur tv from a common distributer through cables (optic fiber wire) this is common is asian countries … there is a group of operators for a every specific location . they resive the data through their dish and the distribute the data to the homes around through cables

Answer #2

What yaar said. Cable television is just a way to access more channels. And it’s not just common in Asian countries, it’s very commom in America, Australia, New Zealand and heaps more.

Answer #3

we used to have birmingham cable, then birmingham cable gave some areas to ntl then virgin took the lot over.

cable is just better cus its fiber optic and runs better.

for instance if i was with BT on their upto 8mb broadband the speed id get would depend on far away i live from teh exchange. just checked and id get 5mb.

at the moment im on virgins 50mb brodband and get at minimum 49mb.

all it is is that it runs through these tiny fiber optic cables as apposed to the stupid, slow exchanges.

my monthly bill is £48.30p and ive got, broadband, landline and telly. virgin offered me free telly cus i was on their 50mb broadband and landline package.

i dont know anyother prices from england cus ive only ever had cable and onetel and onetel was took over by another company.

theres a saying… cable, if you can, you should.

Answer #4

Cable is not popular in Africa because there are many areas without much population and would be too expensive to lay the cable underground. Cable TV is actually a cable or wire also called a coaxial cable that is buried underground in areas where there are a lot of people.

There are many cable companies in the USA and they built hubs or central stations in a town in the central station they will have a tower with many satellite dishes to get the channels and from there they start laying the cable under the ground from house to house. It is the same cable that connects to the back of your TV but for miles and miles.

In order for the signal to stay strong they set up small amplifier units every so many miles.

To make it more simple. Imagine one DSTV at your house and you attach cables to many houses nearby so they get the same channels. It is the same but on a gigantic scale.

Many of the cable companies also offer high speed internet in the same cable and phone service. I have high speed internet from Charter Cable company and my TV I use Dish Network Satellite service. For people that live in rural areas sometimes there is no cable and the only option is Satellite TV.

Here are some links to Cable companies and Satellite TV companies popular in the USA. http://funadvice.com/r/bf126clnil1 http://funadvice.com/r/14mg718jclb http://funadvice.com/r/14mg718je2e http://funadvice.com/r/14mg718jfe7

Answer #5

Many new TV’s, Blu-Ray players and game system have wireless internet. From there you can get many other options into what you would like to watch. One of the most popular is Netflix. They have thousands of movies and TV shows that you stream to your TV from your Internet router and you can also get DVD’s and Blu-Rays in the mail. Another service to get movies and TV shows in your TV is Hulu Plus. Now there is also Google TV. The sky is the limit. This services only work in the USA and you can get them at the same time that you get Cable or Satellite. http://funadvice.com/r/14mg7lei34d http://funadvice.com/r/14mg7lei52m http://funadvice.com/r/14mg7lei712

Answer #6

Cable means it comes through underground wires. They were actually trying out cable internet in Uganda (I do not believe it was very successful, but it’s a start right?), but I dont know about cable TV and if it has hit Africa yet.

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