Does anyone know if I can buy a video game, play it a couple times to see if I like it then return it within a few days?

I wanted to buy COD for the Wii but i’m used to playing it on PS3 and i’m not sure if i’ll like it on Wii, so I was wondering if I could test it out for a few days then return it if i’m not happy with it.

Answer #1

Why not try renting is first?

Answer #2

*renting IT

Answer #3

Most stores won’t allow you to return opened games that you’ve purchased. Isn’t that what Blockbuster is for anyway?

Answer #4

No, you cannot purchase any DVD’s, CD’s, PC games, or any other game system games (xbox, wii, playstation, etc…) open it, and then return it.

They will not give you a refund if it has been opened, because there are people who buy the game/dvd/cd…take it home, copy it, then return it. Basically getting it free.

You can only return it if it has NOT been opened.

I suggest renting a game if you want to try it out before actually buying it.

Answer #5

I know gamestop has like a 3 day return policy so technically yes but I wouldn’t do it too much or they’d catch on to you.. And I understand the whole hassle of blockbuster, paying $10 to see if you like a game is garbage, but also I know with the PS3 most of the games have demos on the playstation store if you have wifi that is, and usually the demo’s include a level or so or a certain amount of game time to test it. Idk about the wii but I’d imagine they’d do something similar as well since they provide free online as well.. Hope this helped!!

Answer #6

I agree.

Answer #7

No you can’t because technically you don’t buy the game, you only buy a licence to install the game and use it.

If you try it out, you will have availed yourself of the service for which the product was offered for sale.

The only chance that you have of getting a refund is if you can establish that the product is faulty and does not function properly, or if it does not actually conform to the advertised specification.

– Majikthise.

Answer #8

not anymore….

i bought half-life 2 as soon as it was released.

installed it via steam and sold it on ebay for something like 2 quid less that i had originally paid.

so i ended up with half-life 2 and counter strike source for free.

but getting away with it today would be very hard and + most pc games need cd keys .

but for a wii id just do what colleen said, cant be more than a few quid/dollors to rent for a few days.

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