Answer #1

Ps3, wii’s get really boring after a while, but ps3 can keep me amused for ages :)

Answer #2

wii (: Has way more stuff to do and you can use it to exercise so if someone tells you your spending to much time on it say your exercising.

Answer #3

It depends on how active or lazy you are, or if you would like to become more active or not.

The Wii is a great system for people who are active, or would like to become active…instead of sitting on the couch playing video games all day. It’s good exercise, whilst having fun.

The Ps3 is like many other game systems. You sit on the couch with a controller, and you stare at the TV screen all day. Although it’s fun, it’s not very good for your body.

Answer #4

I’d say it depends on what you plan on using it for. For example, the WII has the whole fitness thing you can buy for it. So if you’re looking for some fun and some exercise, the WII is pretty awesome for that because it’s very physical. You can not only purchase the WII Fit thing, but also dance games and all. That’s one plus. If you’re just looking for gaming, though, then the PS3 would suit you more.

Answer #5

I would say the wii because it keeps you active and it’s fun! Wont keep you sitting around most of the time.

Answer #6

Actually I would get Xbox 360. its AMAZING. You can play tons of games online. You can talk to a ton of people at the same time even if theyre playing a different game. You can download games, movies and music videos. You can customize an avatar. You can listen to some music for free on You can get netflix on it. The graphics are amazing. and the new xbox’s have better cooling systems and are made with better materials. plus you can also get kinect. which has games like the wii but without the controller, so you just move your body its really kool :). kinect can recognize you and it has a voice command in it too. you should really check it out before you decide on what to buy.

Answer #7

ps3 Free wifi and with the new setups you can do just as much if not more than a Wii. Best investment I’ve made

Answer #8

Deffinately the ps3. They came out with ps3 Move I believe it’s called, it’s a setup that you can now buy which comes with everything that the wii has, but with a better camera.

Answer #9

definitely the ps3

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