Buy or Adopt a puppy?

I have been meditating over this for a few months now. I really want to own a little puppy. In fact, I was thinking of geting a Boxer. Since I am a huge animal rights supporter, would it be fair to purchase a puppy or should I adopt one from a kennel or some place else.

At least I would feel like I rescued one and most of them have their shot already. What do you think?

Answer #1

You should adopt a puppy. Everytime you purchase a puppy from a pet Store, a perfectly adoptable dog loses a home. When you adopt a dog, they are healthy and have had immunizations, and are usually spayed or Neutered. Even if you want a young dog-like a puppy, one might be harder to find but you can still find them. I work at a non-kill shelter, and we have lots of adoptable puppies, adult, and senior dogs. Dogs at Shelters desperately need homes, and if you make the right decision by adopting, you’ll save a Life.

No matter what they say, ALL pet store puppies come from puppy mills or irresponsible breeders. Why would they tell you otherwise just to lose a sale? All puppies will be adopted-and they’re are more dogs that are in kennels, than actually in a home. Although most people do want puppies-think about this: Puppies are destructive and are not trained to poop/pee on paper. Because most are never taken out except for maintenance. The puppies are hyperactive also-to an unbearable point-a lot are also sickened and diseased and you still have to pay for Spay and neuter, and sometime vaccines for the young one. When a puppy from a pet sotre get bought, it is just replaced with a new puppy.

Think about it. Save a dog? Or buy a new puppy just for a new one to replace the current? You tell me. (:

Answer #2

Adopting. I don’t think you’d find a puppy easily adopting but your heart will melt when you go to the animal shelter and see how darling the dogs are and want so bad to go to a safe home. I adopted my dog. I was lucky enough to get it at 3 months old. Now she’s quite bad but she’s so loving and playful. German Shephard + Rotweiller.

Answer #3

There is so much debated on by or adopt… I bought and I breed. I wanted to adopt, I bought. I planned on a peekapoo but got a husky. All because when I first laid eyes on this dog I knew she was the one for me! I say if you find the perfect one for YOU then it will never matter to YOU where he or she came from!

Answer #4

ADOPT!!! because if you buy one it may support a puppy mill!!! if you dont noe what that is its a places wherethey keep dogs in cages all there life and force tham to have pups!!! HOW MEAN!!! :(

Answer #5

A-D-O-P-T!! well actually. it depends. If the dog is to afraid of you because of there previous owners, try to help it. and if everything fails. Try another dog. Also, adopting would save a life and its cheeper.

Answer #6

I think you should adopt or find a rescued one. Or if you find a free one in the newspaper so you know it will be put in a great home.

Answer #7

I think you should adopt a puppy that does not have a home. we adopted a puppy, we went on she is a cockapoo, and she is the cutest most friendly dog I have ever met. she is very humanlike. it feels great to rescue a dog. you should get a dog for sure. they cheer people up, and keep them company.

Answer #8

I Would Adopt because you r helping the Dogs in there and Helping the PEople from not killing them because they have to many…Besides if you have a lot of time you can Help that dog you want to adopt

Answer #9

ADOPT. I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I know how heartbreaking it is to see a poor animal in there. even if the conditions are good, it is much better to adopt. the only reason anyone should buy is if they want to go out for a dog show. if you just want to impress people, FORGET IT. adopt a puppy and impress them with this: you saved a life.

Answer #10

Please adopt :) I work at an animal shelter and want to dedicate my life to dogs. Some in my shelter have been there for two years, are extremely well-behaved and beautiful. Their owners just couldn’t take care of them anymore. They don’t know why they are in there and not in a home…they cry at night when the lights get turned off. Please, please adopt.

The site has a search. You can type by zip code and search the dogs available near you. This will show you private rescues as well as shelters.

Financially, it is much cheaper to go to a shelter. At my work, you can adopt a dog that is spayed/neutered, up to date with vaccines, rabies and microchip registered for $135. AND there is a full-time vet at my shelter, so they are all checked and healthy.

Answer #11

Check out the Boxer rescues…you’ll get your Boxer and save a life…Boxers, like GSD’s, Rotties, and many other big active dogs, are purchased as cute little pups who grow into big VERY high energy adults, who get “dumped” by the ignoramuses who didn’t bother to investigate and learn about the breed.

I’ve purchased many dogs…but I’ve never had a boughten dog, that I didn’t have a rescue at the same time…It’s a wonderful way to get what you want, and know you saved a life…GO FOR IT!! :)


Answer #12

My daughter adopted a corgi from a rescue group and it is the most wonderful dog you could want. It was an adult dog and it is REALLY well behaved.

Her feelings on the subject areclearly toward rescue groups or registered individual breeders, but NEVER a pet store because they get their puppies from puppy mills that don’t care at all about the health or well being of their dogs.

I hope that this helps.

Answer #13

it will be better to adopt an abandoned animal or get one from a shelter. it will be worth the effort. please dont buy from a kennel or a breeder

Answer #14

Adopt, it really is financially cheaper (they come spayed/neutered, with all their shots and sometimes microchipped) and you’re saving a life!

Answer #15

it is not a crime to buy from a breeder. as long as it’s not a puppy mill. I do recomend checking local shelters first. you probably won’t be able to find a pure breed boxer, but maybe a boxer mix. I honestly could care less if dogs are pure bred or not. you’d be giving dog a home who might not otherwise have one.

Answer #16

I would adopt. generally puppies from breeders are sold much faster than rescue dogs. just remeber, puppies grow up, so dont get caught up in puppy love!

Answer #17

Adopt.cheaper and nicer.helping a poor puppy!

Answer #18


Answer #19

dont go to a pet store or breeder…save a life go to shelters or breed rescues.try pet for resues in your area.

Answer #20

buy or adopt one that everybody else rejected and hates. That way it’ll be a good guard dog, and not so many people can bug you. :)

Answer #21

buy one because you can raise a puppy to exemplify your imposed ways. :]

Answer #22

I think you schould adopt because they need your help.

Answer #23

Thanks for all your responses…ADOPTION IS ThE WAY!!!

Answer #24

eather way is good from those to advices

Answer #25


well, all dogs are amazing and Yes!!! adoption is a wonderful idea. That ways you can get a beautiful and adorable companion who otherwise might not have experienced what having a family is all about.

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