Does anyone here still buy, collect and use Vinyl records when listening to music?

If you do, what is your opinion on the CD vs. Vinyl sound? And also, what kind of recordplayer do you have?

Answer #1

I still use mine though some of the records done work as good as the used to, though I do love the sound :-)

Answer #2

I am too young to use those big round black disc, lol. I have this Samsung CD player connected to wonderful loud speakers. Enough to get away from daily routines…..

Answer #3

Yes, I do. My parents and I have a good collection 78’s of my favorite classic singers.

Answer #4

Too young? You’re never too young or too old to appreciate good music and good sound ;)

Answer #5

It is wayyyy too expensive to get Vynil Records here. I have to wait until I am 60 to get it LOL

Answer #6

That’s very cool Chris. Personally I don’t have many 78’s, exept from a few old blues records.

I really love the vinyl sound. Especially when it’s music that was originally recorded analogue, and made for vinyl.

I still buy vinyl records, and when my band released a record 5 years ago, we released it on CD, and a limited edition of 1000 vinyl records.

Answer #7

I am a little to young to know about those to but my parents had a lot of them so I grew up with them, and now I have thr collection of them :-)

Answer #8

@ imlonley: It’s not like they have stopped making vinyl records :) In fact the last record I bought was an EMINEM record. (“Marshal Maters”), and the sound is so much better than the cd! Almost all artists have some vinyl printed of their new records. They are much more fun because of the covers. Most artists put in some kind of booklet with lyrics and pictures.

I remember when I was a kid, and bought music (I started buying my own music early. Around 11 yrs old), when I’d bought a new record, it was like a ritual, to listen to the music, all while reading and looking at the cover. The cd covers are too small to make them funny.

Answer #9

Wow I didn’t know they still made them cuz I sure can’t find any new ones anywhere

Answer #10

i have a small collection of vinyl and keep an eye out for good second hand records, i dont have a record player at the moment to listen to them though, but i like the sound they produce

Answer #11

I remember my grandpa had one. But it went t o my cousin… :-(

Answer #12

When you’re in music stores, you must often have to ask for them, cuz they don’t have any vinyl shelves in the stores anymore, so they keep them behind the counter. Also you can find very much on internet. If you look at cdon (.) com, you’ll find vinyl from most artists.

I have all the Metallica records on vinyl, and more “important”, all Pink Floyd records on vinyl. And I still collect vinyl records :)

Answer #13

I will have to remember that, thx for the info I appreciate it

Answer #14

Awwww that to bad, I’m sorry to hear that :-(

Answer #15

If you want to, I’ll gladly send you a vinyl record from here :) Just Funmail me an adress I can send it to. Does not have to be your adress, but maybe just to your post office, and have them tell you when there’s something for you there :D I really think everyone should own at least one vinyl record. Ha ha ha :D

Answer #16

That is very nice of u to want to do that for Sri. :-)

Answer #17

I have so much music, it won’t hurt me to give away somethinng :) I buy between 10-20 cd’s and vinyl’s every month, plus I buy movies and games for my Playstation machine :)

Answer #18

Thx cool :-)

Answer #19

I still buy and use vinyl records, however, not to listen too. We use them for artistic and decorating purposes. We have a wall in our living room that is nothing but vinyl records pinned to the wall and another room in our spare that has a wall covered in their cases.

Answer #20

I have digitalized all my vinyl records some years ago. I still own the Vinyl disks, but now I never use them.

Answer #21

some ppl collect them to sell later on

Answer #22

I love listening to both long-playing, and 78 r.p.m., gramophone records. I actually prefer the sound of gramophone records to C.D.’s. Our “gramophone” is an ancient Fons CQ30, fitted with an S.M.E. 3009 series II (Imp.) pickup arm and an Ortofon MC 25E pickup cartridge. We also have a (new) wind-up gramophone for playing 78’s. Yes, they are sitll making them!

Answer #23

About half my music collection is on vinyl; the rest CD’s (plus a few cassette tapes). I still hunt through used record stores for buried vinyl treasures. I’d like to digitalize them, but it’s a daunting project because I have so many.

Answer #24

I wish… I love the sound of vinyl.. it’s soo beautiful… I’m on the look out for a record player.. then I will collect some :D

Answer #25

We used to spend hours just looking at the album covers - that was sometimes a big selling point to the album. Take for instance, Moody Blues,….they had some very interesting album covers, It was like getting an informative “book” about the album you just bought.

Answer #26

Most of my music is on vinyl! I love vinyl. I think a lot of people enjoy listening to records - sounds better. But maybe I am just old.

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