What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?

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I would go for a big internet cafe where i also would get a chance of interacting with new members each day. I feel this will be more exciting for me

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I plan on opening my own bakery one day. I love making different pastries and cake decorating and i make a pretty good profit from doing it out of my home. However, i dont have nearly enough room and have to turn people down sometimes if i dont have the room to store their goodies or the time to finish them all. Id love to have my own bakery where i could hire more people on and do more business.

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Cafe called Hazy Daisy i'm 17 but my business plan and set up capital are already being organised!

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I don't know if it counts as a business, but my dream was always to be a professional artist and writer and thats what i now doing. I have my own writing and art business.

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A clothing store, probably. Full of band t-shirts you cant get anywhere else, ones with bands on them that are actually good bands, you wont see no Sky Eats Airplane, or The Devil Wears Prada in my store.

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Well we have a Day Spa and computer company right now, but in the future, I would love to have a resort in another country. I think that would be a lot of fun and it would fall in line with with our Spa. I will tell you this, the lower the overhead of the business, the easier it is to start and maintain, especially now with the state of out economy. My computer company goes out to the companies, there is no Brick and Morter behind it, unlike the spa, the building itself is a huge expense.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmm cakes " yummy" haha if i had my own buisness then accually i ain tht sure i like doing all sorts once i wanted to be a mackanic then i wanted to pe a sporty person(school coach or sommik?) im really in to music like eminem and stufff and i rap a bit and i woodnt mind going into a bussuniss going to otha countrys and helping them like in care homes and stuff i no oit sounds wired coz most ( probly 95% + of guys ) woodnt do tht they wood prefer sommik else and i like painting and scetching me and a couple of mates had a lil buisnis at ma school were i drew and we sold em werent that bad we got a pretty good profit at thr end in the end we got 6£60 - £3 paper £1 pencil divinded my 3 ppl not bad in the end then so many ppl copyed and told of us we did do it again but i woodnt mind owning a drawing shop with equip and stuff sorry out this i go on like crazy =/

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liquor store while making and distilling my own stuff some day

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i would like to own a subway. haha if you get a good location and all, and if you get good workers, and people like subway it is a money bank. i used to work at a subway, and i seen the numbers my boss was making. he was making over 200k to his name. thats after every bill and payroll was paid. it was good money

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My wife has wanted to publish children's books.

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She could self publish. Its actually fairly cheap nowadays. I have a friend who has published two books now, he sells them online.

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