Why do a bunch of really young kids ask questions about sex, getting pregnant, how to do certain things?

They are way too young for sex. Dont you think so as well…

Answer #1

Clearly, if they were old enough to be responsible…they’d have had health class :)

However, if you’re only 13-16…and engaging in activity you should NOT be…then, obviously, you didn’t pay attention in school and are probably doomed to be stuck in the lowest socio-economic bracket.

Odds are as well, their parents aren’t paying enough attention, etc…imho.

Answer #2

to say the least we are very curious… about sex it only became law when we started making them if you where to go back in time you where to be married at 16 and start a family it still does not surprise me on how an young adults now and days are having sex… it is part o who we are and to come into unknown things like this…. all i am saying is when you are between 13-16 you want to make sure you get some that is way be on you’re years so you know what to do and not to do…. we all have sex ed in 6th or 7th grade and the “talk” with our parents but i does not mean we are not aloud to have sex…

Answer #3

In my opinion, I think it is the amount of explicit material available in every media source these days. You just have to turn on the TV and there is a famous rapper singing songs with graphic lyrics while a pole dancer swings around him. You turn on the radio and all of the song lyrics are F this and F that and lets all go drink our weight every night. You open a magazine and there is a woman staring at you with next to nothing on lying on a sandwich. It’s terrible the amount of adult humor on family TV shows, then we expect our children to be perfect angels. In a world where social standing is very important to young children and teens, how can we be surprised when there are 14 year olds falling pregnant and 12 year olds over dosing on household medication. They are just trying to be ‘cool’, and when ‘cool’ is portrayed as what we see in video clips to gangster rap and party songs how can we blame the poor kids? I think the amount of semi-p0rn0graphic material on TV should be cut down dramatically. Kids as young as 4 and 5 are being ‘entertained’ by MTV every night while they wait for dinner. You can access anything you want to watch over the internet with absolutely no limits whatsoever. I think ‘sex talks’ need to be handled much more seriously in schools. As I recall, I had one sex talk at school and it was awkward for the poor teacher as well as us students. I remember we had one pregnant girl in the class who giggled through the whole thing. I really hope that one day kids can go back to playing in sand, marbles and trading cards.

Answer #4

You can’t just say that the odds are that parents aren’t paying enough attention, and that they will be stuck in the lowest socio-economic bracket because you don’t know their reasons. You don’t know what they are like. You can not generalise because everyone is different.

Answer #5

And, you have some statistics that refute what I said? I stand by what I said, having had more than 25% of the girls in my high school class get pregnant and drop out. According to the national institute for health, infant mortality is ALSO highest among the lowest socioeconomic class…got some stats to refute that?

Answer #6

Yep, in my imagination. I’m just saying, everyone has different reasons, and you don’t know them. You can’t judge what kind of person they are.

Answer #7

Imagination is pretty far removed from reality. I’d far, far rather people use what’s real…than live in their own fantasty world when discussing a serious topic. :)

Answer #8

It was a joke. I’m not talking about statistics. I’m talking about personality and attitudes. Just because certain teenagers do that, doesn’t mean that they’re not hard working, intelligant etc.

Answer #9

Exceptions to every rule…just saying if the attitude is representative on my site of the American teen at large, well, I weep for the future of my country.

Answer #10

the sad truth is MAJORITY of them are not educaceted enough about sex, so go off doing it without understanding the consequences, this gets worse by beleiving all the crap on the internet that they go for advice on sex and by listening to there freinds who also arnt educated about sex and who often give them completely wrong advice. sad fact is, majority of them have no sex education. sure this isnt all of them, some of them do use protection and get pregnant anyway, the condom might break, or they might know a lot about sex and could just get lost in the moment and forget to use protection. but the main reason kids and teens get pregnant is because of a lack of sex education

Answer #11

If you are talking about kids asking those questions here, I think is that besides hormones, they feel they are not going to be yell at and it gives them freedom to talk about the subject. Who are they going to ask? Their parents? Just because they ask the questions and are curious does not mean they actually gonna do it.

Answer #12

you are werid that no reson except they get taught it at school

Answer #13

Times have changed, and the age of sexual activity has lowered to the 11, 12, and 13 year old age bracket. It makes me sad to hear these girls at 13 getting pregnant, or suffering every single month in fear that they are pregnant, when they should be having fun. It’s the media….it’s peer pressure….and the total focus on sex in every avenue…books, magazines, internet. Some of the questions I hear, make it really obvious how ignorant these kids are, yet willing to cave in, “just because” it’s cool, without benefit of any knowledge.

Answer #14

because they are extremely curious.. its not a bad thing to ask questions.. just as long as the person theyre asking gives them responsible and honest answers..

Answer #15

They probably aren’t ready for sex, (I believe so as a general rule). However it is FAR better to ask questions about something, get the RIGHT information and be able to make informed decisions based on that.

Also better to tell a teenager that using a condoms is better then have him/her have unprotected sex than trying to stop them at all. Because the latter just will not work.

Answer #16

it’s a damn shame people actually “teach” abstinence rather than educate youth. raging, fire in the belly hormones and a sponge like mind seeking answers to burning questions shouldn’t be suppressed or ignored like some animal. now we have crazy statistics like “25% of all teenagers having babies” because they were to ashamed to talk to their parents or teachers. we still think like cavemen imho.

Answer #17


Ok so ur trying to say that just because of their personality and attitude gives them right to go around having sex with whom ever and whenever. Kids at the age maybe 16-17 or below should not be having sex. I lost mine at 16. So I cant say anything about that age. But the age they starting at now is when these young girls are just getting their first period. Your sitting here saying there is nothing wrong with it at their age. That is sad. If all it takes is the attitude and personality of the younger generation…I can only imagine how the world will be in a couple years.

Answer #18

First of all, I never said that I AGREE with it, because I DON’T, I think its a stupid thing to do as well, but what I am saying is that just because some teenagers do, do that, doesn’t mean that they are doomed to the lowest socio-economic bracket, you can’t judge a person’s personality on that. I just didn’t like the way he generalised about everyone. Because, they’re not all the same. Just because someone had underage sex, doesn’t mean they can’t go on to have good careers etc. I am just saying that you shouldn’t use this as a criteria to judge someone.

Answer #19

I’m 15 1/2 years old . I ask a lot of questions to be sure of things,not because I don’t know the answers. Also wakeup and smell the freaking coffee! Times have changed, the younger the more scandelous now and days. I don’t know where you live, but where I live youth in the US , America , California , BayArea are very intelligent. And most of the time if were doing something and have a question about it we just want to be sure. And FYI, adults ask alot of stupid,foolish,ignoramous questions.

Answer #20

First off , spellcheck ! It’s educated , 2nd line / 1st sentence !

Answer #21

Baiyinqninqbabe, I did not realise you were a school teacher at such a young age. Who cares about sentence structure, this format does not require members to type in ‘proper sentences’ or have excellent spellings….Geez, get off your high horse, the horse needs a rest carrying such a big ego….Spelling errors, non sentence structures, who give a crap mate.

Answer #22

BTW, aside from the last 3 years, teen pregnancies have gone down since the 1960’s :) Please STAY in school. I’m also from “the bay area, california” lol…and California has some of the USA’s worst public schools…but, you knew that too, right? :)

And your “now and days” it’s “nowadays”…if you’re going to correct other’s spelling, grammar, etc, you’d best use perfect such etiquette in return.

Answer #23

Man , Jeremy Goodrich . F You !!

Answer #24

yes i know, i type fast and dont always check my spelling. im sure youve made more than one spelling mistake in your life baiyinqninqbabe, so build a bridge and get over it

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