I am being bullied by girls at my school. I was in their group and I ditched them and went with my other group. they come oer and annoy me and call me fat, have poured juice in my hair and have looked through and under bathroom stalls while I was using them. they have also hit my face, and my friends and I am tired of it. I dont want to be a snitch because I have friends still in that group and I dont want to lose them. just wondering what I should do about it..They also are cyber bullies too… xx :)

Answer #1

OMG!!! what the heck is wrong with them.. THey are LOW Class!!! I dont think you call them as a friends if they dont dont nothing to stop that bullying.. if I were you I would report it. Then take evidence form it, like taking pics of having witnesses. you dont deserve to go through this. and they are also cyber bullying you. print the stuffs out and report it to the police, they could get arrested and go to court for that becasue of bullying. This in in the Law! Your not a snitch your just protecting yourself and your other friends..

Answer #2

Personally, if they were doing that to me, I would’ve beat the shitt out of them. Especially after they poured juice in my hair and looked under the stalls. You really need to stand up for yourself, don’t let anyone push you or your friends around. If they talk shitt, just ignore them. But don’t let them pour juice in your hair and all that. That’s definitely crossing the line. Good luck! =)

Answer #3

Well… you say that you have some friend in that group, if they are truly your friends, how come they do that to you?

If they mock you, ignore them. That WILL make them pissed. Try to avoid getting to some places alone, and also, if they crossed the line, it’s time for payback.

Answer #4

“Poured juice in my hair..” I’m sorry,but you should never put up with something like that. That girl would have wearing everything I was eating and wearing an imprint of my fist on her face for doing something like that!!! That is definitely crossing a line that should not be crossed by anyone,,

“Hit me in the face, and hit my friends..” Once again, she would see and remember what my fist looked like because she’d be looking in the mirror at her swollen eye where my fist engaged with it!!!

I’ve always been small and was skinny when I was younger. I could never gain weight no matter how hard I tried. I constantly had someone harassing me and bullying me. I never did anything about it, just tried to ignore them but it was every day. One day someone pulled my hair and I totally wigged out. The girls were so surprised that I was defending myself it caught them off guard and they left. They must have thought I was crazy because they never bothered me again!! (; I’ve never let anyone walk all over me since that day and I am teaching my daughter to be the same way. She makes friends very easily and has a lot of friends. But just because she chooses to dress scene (similar to emo) and has an emo hair cut (and no pwincess–she does not cut!!) some people give her a hard time. I have told her to use her hands only if she has to, but if someone hits her first, I don’t expect her to stand there and just take it–fight back!! you have to start standing up to these girls or they will continue to bully you forever!!if you stand up, you may be surprised that your friends you’ve kept in touch with may stand with u…who knows? Don’t let people treat you like a door mat dear, or they’ll keep on walking on you into adulthood. Not necessarily those same girls but others. There are lots of people who love to seek out those they perceive to be weak. Start now or unfortunately it will continue for years. There are always immature people who have nothing better to do with their lives but to try and make other people’s lives miserable!! Good luck.

Answer #5

make a bean shooter and whack them from a distance… with a little practice, you will hit them 100% of the time. Especially when they look under the stall… WHACK!! right in the eye This guy that made this video got it wrong a bit… the wide part of the cut off milk top should be a sheild, INfront of your thumb and forefinger… the balloon gets wrapped aroudn the mouth of the bottle, secured with plenty of rubberbands http://www.metacafe.com/watch/743929/bean_shooter_easy_and_quick_to_make/


Answer #6

what vicious little cows!

ok, they are clearly feeling very rejected and because they feel rejected, they’re simply punishing you for it. school can bea minefield, really, so clickly (doesn’t change a huge amount as you get older really, you just learn to deal with it differently) - but the girls that are bullying are not so much getting to you, they’re sending out a clear message that ‘you leave ‘our’ group, and this is what’s happends to you!’

if you still have friends in the group, then how can they be letting these others treat you like this? I would ask though, if you still have friends in the group, then why leave them altogether? could you not just have two groups of friends? - no, that’s difficult, specially if they don’t like each other…

personally, I would look at why I left the group (and this is just me) but was there already a problem with these girls in particular? it was only because they were your ‘friends’ that they left you alone? have they ALWAYS been like this towards other people? are they like it towards anyone else? you obviously have found a group of girls you’re more comfortable with, and that is lovely for you.

no matter WHAT the girls motives are for humiliating you the way they are, it is completly unacceptable - COMPLETLY! and you should NOT tolerate it at all. it doesn’t matter why you left…some people can’t handle being replaced, but they need to learn that abusing people is NOT the way to make them stay.

if you have tried talking to your old friends and they arn’t going to do anything, then subtly warn them, that if it happends again, then you will report the other girls for bullying, and you don’t want them to get the wrap too. hopefully this should either make your old friends steer clear of the little cows, or they’ll have to go down with them. either way, your old friends may relay the severity of the situation and they may pay more attention. fighting back can go one of three ways; one; you kick their butts and they never touch you again, however, you probably get done for bullying. two; you try and fight and lose, then that will make you feel a million times worse…three; you fight back, win and it just makes her attacks even more vile…

I am confident that her actions must have been noticed, speak to your school nurse or tutor, and explain whats been going on. you could have a million people supporting you, but everytime she says or does something, no matter how you try and brush it off, it is going to really get to you. this isn’t fair, no one should be treated like the way you are, especially by sound self-conscious, insecure spiteful little minx who can’t maintain friendships through anyother way but fear…I wouldn’t want to keep friends like that, and in time, people will fall away from her..

speak to someone, it’s not snitching, grassing or bottling out…it’s dealing with something the most respoinsible way possible..if I have a problem with a colleague and I’ve tried to sort it out, eventually I WILL go to my manager if I need to…there’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself…

sorry this is so long! x x x good luck

Answer #7

bullying other kids thats one situation I dont like the most sh+t! kids…, if I had enough that enough die or die… im not going to be bullied for the rest of my life.. are they the one who feed me? hell no! for me… fight is my rule

Answer #8

Violence never solved anything when it comes to bullying. However satisfying hitting someone can be sometimes, it isn’t the answer, simply because you will escalate the issue further, then it will get really violent. Every group of bullies has a ring leader, therefore your attention should be focused on them. Stop the leader and the rest leave you alone. find someway to prove that they are doing all of these things to you, and then let the school know what has been going on, with the proof. Schools now have an anti-bullying clause that they have to follow, and it is usually severe enough, where they can deal with the individual themselves. But it works best when proven that they are doing this. Otherwise they are likely to dismiss it as you guys not getting along. Try and remain in a group, friends will always be able to help when it comes to proof.

Answer #9

I am sorry for what is happening 2 u:( I know how much it hurts because I ve been bullied before myself:( anyway, I think you shoould report them to you re teacher & if you don’t want 2 get in to trouble with them after reporting them, then you should tell whoever teacher you ll tall 2 to not tell them that you reported them also, you should tell you re parents so that they know & toghether with the teachers support they can protect u & your friends, by looking after you whenever it’s posible eg, break & lunch time and afterschool. by the way I hope everything ll soon be sorted out & you ll be safe and much happier:) x

Answer #10

Thecowgod is wrong, you must use violence, take a can opener to their finger. drill a hole in their eyes.

PS hope my advice works

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