Build a bearville help

ok I need help!!! first I see people on other websites giveing other people codes for babv and I dont understand what are they for and where do you put in the codes

also is there a cheat to get a animal or bear without having a bear

because I have tons of bears from build a bear but I dont know where their receipts are or their certificates what do I do???

jsut help me out wtih the cheats and codes and so on

also if you have a website that would help that ould also be great

Answer #1

if you want to put in codes, all you have to do is go to build a bear workshop (in town square), click on the cashier, and click on, “click here to redeem your free gift”. Now you can put in the codes! And bringing a bear to life without having a bear, is not a cheat. Build a Bear workshop gives it to you when you keep on going to build a bear workshop. But they only give it to you if you keep on buying bears. It is called a Welcome Pass. And welcome passes and buying a bear is not the same. In buying a bear, you get free cool stuff, and you get a quest with it. in that quest you get free stuff, you get Cub Condo, Open filter Chat, and you can play all the games.. while in welcome passes, you can get open filter chat, and get a cub condo and you can play all the games. You can find a code fur a bear by looking into its birth certificate. you can put that codes in babw in town square too! hope you understood!

Answer #2

the codes are for getting rare stuff and other cool moves. also there is not a cheat for getting a bear with out a bear. you put the cdes not in town sqaure the shop next to bearemy and enter it and when you see the duck click the duck and one of the options will say enter a code and then enter the code that you have.

Answer #3

I have many build a bears on build a bear ville. if you bought a bear after october of 2007 the birth certificates should have an Animal ID and Key Code. to activate them you go to build a bear workshop in time square and talk to Champ the bear behind the counter, the 1st option on his list of things to activate is: “Bring a Furry friend to life online” click that and it will ask you if you have A) “I have my birth certificate Animal Id and Key code.” B)I have boughten my bear before october of 2007 and have a welcome pass.” C) “I don’t have a certficate or welcome pass” click on A. then it will ask you to give them the animal ID & Key code. Then enjoy =). Hope it helps.

Answer #4

You can visit your local BAB store and if neccessary take your stuff friends. they will make new certificates for you so you can play and get the rewards online. they are also giving a free pass to bring the furry friends to live but you will not receive the rewards. check out the blog for more info

Answer #5

there is no cheat to get a code. you will have to go to babw and buy one. some bears are really cheap. I bought one for 10 dollars and dressed it up.(I could have gotten the hannah montanah bear but my sister wanted one too)in all it only costed 70.00(for both of our bears).

Answer #6

hey!! if you know a cheat to have a bear without buying one..could you please tell me?! I could give you my password and username!

Answer #7

can I have a animal id and keycode I give you 1 million bear bills tell me your username to add you

Answer #8

If you have codes or something to enter to recieve your party room, virtual pet, reciept code, or other things, you need to go to the VIRTUAL BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP STORE in town square. Click on that bear at the counter. He will ask you what you want to do. There are like 5 choices. Click the task you want to do. After that it will ask you like the code and maybe more information (it depends on what task you are doing) Then click OK and you should have no problems at all.

Answer #9

well you see if you give me an unused animal ID with keycode I’ll give you a super rich account not lying or 200 credits or anything on buildabearville or I’ll give you all that for only a huskey dog not lying just give me you username with password so I’ll give you the 200 cred. or you’ll do it send me an email to bye thanks for reading

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