Is it just me or does anybody else think bruno mars is a douche?

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i think he wrote a good song " just the way you are" but it`d be better if someone else besdies him sang it lol . i agree .

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He's alright. I can't stand his voice though on that 'Just the way you are' song :|

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I like the song,he's not that bad with singing bt he's a douche for getting caught.

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personally i don`t like him .

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i like a couple of his songs

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Getting caught? What did he do to be a douche..? I like him but this question's giving me reason not to.. :( I think he's got a good voice, and there's a reason he's been in two number one songs. They were actually good songs before they were overplayed. Like Umbrella.

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I actually think he's one of the few newer preformers i can stand (this is coming from a guy that is completely aginst mainstream), but yeah, i feel like he'd be one of those d!ck types.

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I have not have a reason to judge him like that, I think that he has a perty good voice and some of the few songs I have heard are perty good.

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I like him. He has had some pretty good songs in the charts recently. And that is a big thing for me, as most of the stuff in the charts and current music industry I can't stand. And his music is pretty decent - not filled with tons of computerised crap like a lot of songs do nowadays. And the lyrics are sweet... not all about sex, and partying. So yeah, I like him. :)

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