brownish vaginal discharge before period?

why do I have thick brownish discharge? It’s like having a period before my period. I suffer from leg cramps, heavy bloating, extreme fatigue,depression and a thick,brownish discharge for three to four days before I actually get my period. Please advise.

Answer #1

must dissagree with above,I had brownish discharge 4 days before period and am now 5 weeks pregnant! people who havent been pregnant or experienced this wouldnt know,hundreds of women have implantation bleeding just check on other forums for the proof! :)

Answer #2

this has helped a lot ik I’m not pregnant bc I’m a virgin so know ik I’m not going nuts or something lol:D

Answer #3

its normal. my best friend has it like that.

Answer #4

The brownish discharge is the outer lineing of the egg that is being released most peoples egg is released all at once but for some the outer lineing is released 2 to 3 days before the onset of your actual period.

Answer #5

Dried blood but your body will obsorb it

Answer #6

plvt it’s just normal excess junk from the uterus. think of it like snot in your nose. should stop on it’s own. still concerned? talk to dr.

Answer #7

when do you know you are having it?

Answer #8

I have a slight unusual issue myself. Yesterday I felt kind of wet so I went to the rest room to check. When I wiped I found that I had bright red bloody mucus discharge. I said, wow I started 2 weeks early. That was odd to me. But then I realized its not a flow. Today I came home from work and again the same discharge. It has a slimy, mucusy stretchy texture. Some is dark brown most is red bloody. It’s not my period because it’s not flowing and nothing really gets on the pad. It’s just there until I wipe. This is rather disgusting. Any suggestions? I am 24, I just started birth control for the first time almost 2 months ago.

Answer #9

I have brownish discharge too and now im scared that I might be pregnant

Answer #10

I am due for my menstrual cycle this week- I think I should be getting it tomorrow or the next day. I just went to the bathroom, and I had a light brownish vaginal discharge. Starting 3 days ago- I started feeling like I was maybe getting a UTI coming on. It doesn’t burn when I urinate, but I feel like I constantly have to, and I usually do way more than often. It is becoming very annoying. This actually happened to me for a week last month too- feeling like I was starting to get a UTI- not the brown discharge. I took a home UTI test, and I was positive for my white blood cells being up, but not for nitrate. I called my doctor, and she prescribed me cephalexin just incase It is a UTI, over the phone, and told me to call her if there is no progress by Monday. (it is Saturday). I have only taken one dose so far- about 2 hours ago. My stomach is super bloated and feels distended and my back is killing me. I also felt dizzy and light-headed this morning. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Does anyone know what is going on? I have also been getting leg cramps lately, and have been very tired.

Answer #11

I don’t know if anyone is going to be able to respond to this, or even see it.. but I actually have a question.

Yesterday I had a brownish light discharge… it was one day before my period… thought maybe I was pregnant but later on it started turning red. I’ve never had a brownish discharge before my period.. just after…

anyway, since it has changed to red.. it’s only been light. not much cramping. I don’t know if my body just hasn’t realized that my period is here because normally I’d have already been cramping like crazy.. or if it’s normal to bleed lightly for a couple of days and still be preggers?

Answer #12

I have had this since I was 15. I have no idea what it is, its quite regular and occurs in between my actual period (which is a normal consistency/colour etc). I call the other brownish discharge my ‘second period’. I have had tests and ultrasounds, and nobody can tell me what it is. Different contraception pills make no difference, it actually seems more regular without pills at all. Any ideas?

Answer #13

I had the brownish discharge for only a day and also there was alittle bit of blood with it… so does that mean anything? Also, I haven’t had my period yet, but I have this dicharge (the white one) for over like 2 years and I’m 13 years old. I always read in the internet and it says that your period will come when you breasts start to grow and you have hair in different places as in: underarms, legs, women private part. I have all of that and I’m just wondering why it isn’t coming and my friend has her period and she like barely has any breasts.

Answer #14

this is totally normal, im 14 years old and I get it liek a couple says after my period and a day before I guess its prep for it and at the end to get it all out but if someone can answer me this would be great..

I got white gooey stuff coming out of my vag everyday and when I masterb@+3 its all over my fingers? I want to know I think I have to much? can I sloow it down or have less of it?

Answer #15

I don’t understand why women think because they have brownish, pinkish discharge it MUST be implantation bleeding and they must be pregant. Most women do not have implantation bleeding.

If anything, you’re trying to get pregnant and you’re using the implantation bleeding excuse to hold out for some hope that you are indeed pregnant.

Once you start having brownish/pinkish discharge, most likely blood will follow and you are not pregnant. It’s your monthly period.

Answer #16

bullshitexuses that sounds like an STD… This is why you shouldn’t have sex with “buddies”…

fau - I don’t think anyone meant it can’t be a pregnancy, but with so many people saying it IS that, they’re getting some girls paranoid. They maybe should’ve said that it COULD be either. By the way - congrats on the pregnancy:-)

Answer #17

Was your previous period lighter than normal? Perhaps you are expereincing the ridding of old endometrial tissue which did not completely leave your body during your last period. It is typical for the remaining endometrial tissue to finally leave your body a few days before your next period. It is now brown because it has lost its hemoglobin which causes periods to be red. Your real period is red and will follow. If you have not been as active or under as much stress in the last couple months, your periods may be lighter for a while. You could be pregnant. You could wait and see if other signs appear or just go ahead and take a HPT. Everyone has different pregnancy experiences. Trust your body.

Answer #18

My period is really irregular and I have PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)I haven’t had my period since May 16th.This past Sunday I experienced a brown discharge which I thought was my period about to come. But the spotting stopped and I’m not seeing any signs of my period. Could I finally be pregnant? Is this a BIG sign? I don’t know what to think and I don’t want to get my hopes up to just be disappointed in the end. What do ya’ll think? Could this be it?

Answer #19

I get this a lot of the time- its so annoying having to wear pads a lot, therefore it can be very stressful. its quite normal. some people say that it might be bacteria- so you must keep your vagina clean all the time. and some times it can smell very bad- so you have to keep getting in the bath. bt theres nothing to worry about because it basically means that your body system is functioning very well. dont worry be happy!

Answer #20

please help im so confused.I started a brown discharge on the day I was suppose to come on my period.I uselly have my periods for 8 days this brown discharge has been going for 9 now.When I have my period it starts out brown for like 3 days then gets really heavy and then goes back to light brown.Is this some sort of spotting before my period actually starts?Also my breast are very sore.Is my period just lagging on this time?

Answer #21

its Implantation bleeding a sign of pregnancy if you have blood in discharge that’s a pregnancy sign it can be pink/brown blood so I don’t know what people are saying it normal its not its a pregnancy sign . if you got it on the same day when you starting your period then its not but if its a few days before then yes its implantation bleeding

Answer #22

Hi,I would like to know is it normal for a brownish discharge because last month January I had it. Now this month I had it again with some day is brownish, another day is like red-brown or sometime just red. Not just that my tummy are bloated too. I don’t know is that my pms or pregnant sign because sometime I have my pms early or sometime late. My pms never had been on time.

Answer #23

I heard that the brown discharge is old blood coming out.

Answer #24

I would have to say that if you think you might be pregnant, then you should see a Doctor. I have the same issues with the brownish discharge for about a week before my period, and for almost a week after, also. I have Endometriosis, had surgery to remove it in 2008, been on shots that made me go through menopausal symptoms at the age of 22, but it came back. So I have been going to the gyno. every 4 weeks for the past 3 months. He put me on a vaginal antibiotic, that actually helps clean some of the built up endometrium out of my body. But it does cause some pretty bad cramps. The Endometrium is the lining inside your uterus, which is what you shed every month, unless the egg gets fertilized :) But I have two children and never experienced implantation bleeding. But I have heard of several women that have. So if you think you might be pregnant, get a home pregnancy test, if you can’t afford one, go to your local Health Department, it’s free. But the best bet would be to make an appointment with your gyno. and get all the worries out of the way. You’re supposed to go at least once a year anyway. So next time you go, talk to your doctor about it, I promise they won’t get grossed out, and can more than likely give you a pretty good explanation for it. I thought my discharge was from the endometriosis. But, it’s apparently a fairly common thing!

Answer #25

I have gotten the same for years. I’ve had 3 pregnancies but never had inplantation bleeding. I know some women get this but not everyone does. I do believe it is normal since I’m perfectly healthy and have been having that experience for years.

Answer #26

I am 19 years old and for the past 3 days I have been having a light red and brown vaginal discharge. My periods haven’t been regular for the past 7 months and I’m not on birth control, but having sex. I’m getting really worried about this…

Answer #27

This is normal. You period “blood” is not actually all blood. It has nutrients and proteins etc. This brown discharge is just the first layer of your period - which is stacked full of nutrients, which makes it brown. Leg cramps and bloating are 100% normal. My suggestion is to take ibuprofin, it wil help a lot.

Answer #28

cass1982… Your breast getting very sore is a good sign of pregnancy. I would take a pg test if I was you. ;)

Answer #29

I get that too. dont worry about it. but if theres a strong smell that comes along with it, then you should be concerned.

Answer #30

Brown discharge prior to your period could be any number of things. If this persists every month then you should see your doctor as it could be something serious.

Brown discharge can result from ovulation. Sometimes when a woman releases an egg it can cause a small amount of bleeding which results in a brownish discharge instead of the normal clear or white discharge.

If the discharge is accompanied by a foul odor then it can be an infection. You would need to see a doctor to get on an antibiotic to clear it up.

It is possible that the brown discharge is a sign of cervical cancer. This should only be a concern if the discharge occurs often. But it is best to rule this out as soon as possible.

Lastly, the discharge could just be breakthrough bleeding and is normal in some women. It can also occur when you switch birth controls or go on one for the first time.

As stated, if you are concerned, you should see a doctor to rule out serious problems.

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