Brown to Blonde

Im naturally quite a dark brunette. I want to dye my hair a Blonde like Paris Hilton’s colour, but im worried it will go a yellowy gingery Blonde as my hair is so dark and I don’t want to ruin it by bleaching it and then bleaching it again. Is there any other way?

Answer #1

dont use bleach and ifr you use coulour live xxl the oe I use its called absolute platinum you will have to use a few but it will make your hair fall out so go pro for the first time then build it up yourself (: x

Answer #2

oh theres this stuff you can get that makes your hair lighter. if your hair went wrong and turned yellow, you can put some of the stufff in your hair that wont look ike you coloured your hair with a texta…but dont use too much of it, I heard of a story about someone who used too much of it and her hair went really white. she mustve looked like she had cancer. oh and by the way, if you have a really light complexion, dont go blonde otherwise you will look really sick.

Answer #3

Its quite simple to dye your hair from brown too blonde,well unless you have put lots of packet dye on it like i have =[ biggest mistake ever. I am naturally dark blonde and size year 7 (now in year 10) i have used packet dyes on my hair. a few months ago i put a black packet dye on my hair which made my hair sooo dry..i cannot belive i actualli done that. Now my hair is brown mixed with ginger mixed with light brown and i am also trying to get my hair back too blonde.The best thing i suggest you do is buy a REALLY good conditioner and use it twice a week. TRY YOUR HARDEST to avoid straightners because they heat up the peroxide in your hair and make your hair frie. Go too a salon after a couple of months of thoughrouly conditioning your hair and get a full head on highlights which will make yur hair near enough blonde,and continue to do that every 6 weeks and eventually your hair will turn blonde =]

Hope it goes well for yu Thats If yu do take my adivce x

Answer #4

what the f*ck I no loadz of people that home bleach there hair. It depends on the condition of your hair, aslong as you dont get a very strong bleach then it shoud be okay

Answer #5

hey babe my advice is to seek proffecinal help. you dont want to f**k your hair up and FYI babe you dont want to go platnuim blonde iam and it costs so much money to keep it blonde especially if your dark brunnette your roots will cum through within weeks. why dont you keep your lovley dark brunnette hair and if you really want sum blonde get highlights its cheaper,nicer and dos not wreck your hair. hope I helped good luck!!! xxx

Answer #6

If you trust a professional to dye your hair they can tell you which blondes work for brown haired ladies. Anyone who thinks brunette should stay brunette that isn’t true. People have there own choices of what they want to do and what you say can be minimal in impact on what someone wants to do with there lives so quite trying to control them and control your own life. Thank you.

Answer #7

aaawww…jus go 4it!!! you only live once…and hair jus keeps on growin!!! i havent really got n e advice on how to do it…all i kno dat i went to a salon…paid lots if money den left wiv jus light brown highlights!!! so i did it at home n had chunky blonde through my hair!!! i change my hair all da time…its fun too!!! :)

Answer #8

Bleach blonde hair is gross ( unless it’s natural), dark hair is beautiful, you should leave it. However, if it really means that much to you, don’t go more than 2 shades lighter at a time. Leave it a couple weeks, then dye it again until you have the colour you want. That way it won’t turn orange and you’ll get the results you want.

Answer #9

I have naturally medium brown hair and I tried to get blonde hair at home, its too difficult to do if you are not a professional.

You can start out with a heavy weave ( when they bleach sections of your hair ) and during the next visit get more highlights.

Dont go all blonde at one time, it will make you self conscience and very sad if you can’t handle a drastic change.

Change slowly and don’t go darker than a dark blonde. Just have the dark blonde with platnum highlights. When your roots grow out it’s not going to be pretty, so be sure you have it in your budget to get touch ups, keeping your hair blonde can be expensive. I would say about $150 a month.

I say go for it, do blonde. I was blonde but decided that my skin is too pink for blonde, my hair looked great but it wasnt harmonous with my skin tone and eyes. So I am light bronze brown and it makes my pink skin look bronzy and tan! I love it! Good luck!

Answer #10

Don’t do it! I’ve tried by using 10 At-Home Boxes and 1 professional last year and ALL DiD NoT Bleach my hair One Bit! It turned out an ugly Uuugly Dark and Uneven toned Orange.

Now this is this Year, and my hair is finally back to its original colour after harsh treatment, Had to Chop it all off Because it was very dead, and I shed Everyday like mad cause my hair is trying to shed off that dead hair and get back on its feet to Health!

Answer #11

Gah! too many stupid people with stupid answers! I am naturally a brunette. My hair is medium Brown… the most perfect color of brown ever. Anyways, to dye your hair paris hilton blonde you can buy this hair dye and I think it is called COLORS. it only has 3 colors. Platinum blonde, bright red, and hot pink. great stuff. I dyed my hair pink with it once and it was bright as all get out. After that, I bleached my hair with the platinum blonde stuff… same brand. You can get ti at walmart. 1 use of this box worked for me. I have thick hair so I had to buy 2 boxes, but it doesn’t give you that orangey look unless you add another color to the blonde. It stays blonde! so after that, I got it cut out, and my natural hair color did come back. As for the girl who said black hair makes your natural hair color not come back… again you’re wrong. For a play at school, I had to dye my hair black cause we did the play in black and white. My hair just finished growing the black out, and my hair is back to it’s natural color. As long as you dye your hair less than 3 times a year, your natural hair color should come back. I’ve gone through it all, I’ve done about every single color you can think of, and I got kicked out of school before for having blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, etc. hair colors!

Answer #12

Hey I’m a hairstylist, if you do bleach your hair blonde and you find its very dry and frizzie its because you have just stripped out everything that was in your hair and it is now full of nothing, so what you want to do is go and either buy hair colour from the drug store or from the beauty supply store buy a blonde that you like and put that over it, i reccommend a Joico colour (they have conditioners in them). You hair will feel healthy and look it as well. If you still find that you have a yellowish tinge or gold tinge to your hair buy a PURPLE SHAMPOO, it will tone the hair, DO NOT OVER USE the purple shampoo I reccommend once every two weeks at most, if you over use the purple shampoo your hair could turn a grey colour.

Just think of the colour wheel if you have a tone of a colour stuck in your hair, like yellow/ gold you want to put in purple, if you have red you want green!

Hope that helps some.

Answer #13

Wow, there are a lot of nonsense remarks. Anywho, to the subject at hand; I have been dying my hair since I have been 12. I have had every color you can think of under the sun in my hair. I have gone blonde, I’ve been red, I’ve even had raven black. Not to mention in high school I had my “rad” color fad. (I.E Pink, Purple, Blue, and finally Green). I change my color based on how I feel, and what exactly it is I want. I could careless what some smartass has to say about it. If they don’t like it, Don’t LOOK!

My hair is naturally Medium Auburn brown. The blonde took awhile to perfect. At first when I bleached it, it looked yellowish. I had a very light blonde hair color in highschool, that looked really great. If I kept it up, it was far from trashy.

With black, Believe it or not the upkeep is just as hard. My roots looked blonde growing in. Oh I loved my black hair, but it ran its course. I have had more compliments with black then blonde. However, black went very well with my natural tones. (which is rare)

Right now, I keep my hair a dark ash blonde. I like it very much, because it looks natural, and my roots can grow out and you can barely tell. I think this fall I might go for something with a red tint, be it dark blonde with red or medium to light brown with red.

Anyway, hope my advice was helpful.

By the way, if blonde was no longer a “fashion statement”, please tell me why are there still a million fake blondes?

While my fashion icon has always been Audrey Hepburn, I’ve been brown my whole life, and it’s beautiful but sometimes change is beautiful too.

Answer #14

dont use bleach and ifr you use coulour live xxl the oe I use its called absolute platinum you will have to use a few but it will make your hair fall out so go pro for the first time then build it up yourself (: x

Answer #15

hey I say dye it a very light brown, keep it on like 10minutes longer then what it says on the box, maybe even sit in the sun while its on so it helps with the dye. or blow dry your hair 4 like 5minutes while the dyes on. then after a couple weeks get and ultra blonde hair dye (nice and easy, I found is the best) and go from there. im a natural light blonde, but keep dying it dark brown thn blonde, can never make up my mind, and when I say brown I mean nearly black. but then I dye it a mousey brown then after a few weeks dye it ultra blonde thn keep using it until I get the shade I want. good luck! x

Answer #16

Bleach it but just once,if you do more than three times your hair will be crappy.I use STILL bleaching powder with 8 factor(its very strong,but I have very healthy hair,so if your hair is thin be careful)NEVER USE 12% hydrogen peroxide!!I always use 6 or 9%.Then use Loreal hair colour,look for the lightest colour.GARNIER is good too,I know there are many good brands outthere.I have naturaly black hair,I have very light skin and I love my blonde colour. I am blonde for 5 years,and guys love girls with healthy hair,not blonde or black :)) You must see what colour fits the best on your face. And yeah,blondes have a lot of fun Trust me :)

Answer #17

GO 4 IT!! im in the same bout as u,, im a dark brown, and about 2 wks ago I decided I wanted to go blonde. eveybody told me that it would be a mistake and itll fry my hair and that itll take to much time. But I went ahead and went to the salon and got highlights. they really arnt as light as id like them to be, so I think im going to buy a home kit and put more blonde in it myself… just think, if it turns out bad you can always go back to the beautiful brown, you once were. and by the way I’ve been brunette and blonde… blondes dont have more fun, and BRUNETTES are just as pretty, I just decided I was ready for a change!

Answer #18

if you bleach it it will become very blonde. So blonde it will be way to bright!!!! AAAHHHH noone wants that. Instead play it safe and keep it brunette but maybe put highlights like blonde on a lighter brown. Maybe also Cut it. Get a new style without risking you’re hairs colour, look, and life!!! But the blonde highlights shouldnt to bright also. and when you bleach you’re hair it will be hard to get the old color back. It will look to fake because you’re skin color is made to match you’re hair.

Answer #19

Ok. This is what I think. DO NOT bleach your hair!!! Go to a high-class hair salon and have them dye your hair blonde!! I would never ever you the store bought sht for my hair. I think it ruins your hair. I am very dark haired and I have dyed my hair blonde before when I was in 11th grade. Me and my mom went to a very nice hair salon in Beverly Hills (thats where I used to live) and even though it costs about $200, I got SOOO many compliments!!! So just go to a high class hair salon and you will be pleased with the results and STAY AWAY FROM THE STORE BOUGHT CRAP!!!

Answer #20

well some of the comment on here are ever so use full, all am going to say am natural blonde with blue eyes does that make me dumb??? and to be honest with you its the FAKE BLONDES that give use natural blondes bad name were not cheap,trashy or dumb and you’ll find its the clothes you wear that men look at anyway why are girls fighting over hair colour its not the colour its the girl its self that cheap,trashy lol

getting back to the point I’ve dye peoples hair befor I’ll tell you what I’ve done but it upto you weather you want to do it however bleach is NOT the best way to go esp if you have already dye your hair in the past dark.

if your hair is natural dark brown then either use a bleach X2 (but not all together) or just keep lighting it 2 stages at a time but remember to give your hair a break lol or your hair cuticle will go so thick because its damaged (not a good look)

if you’ve dyed it use a pre lighter to remove any colour youve used befor then just lightin it 2 stages at a time till you get the colour you want DO NOT BLEACH!!!. .

NEXT thing to do leave it on for the required time no less eps with the pre lightener or bleach lol use a egg timer

if you find your hair goes yellow after using pre-lightener or bleach then dont give up hope its easy to fix just dye it a honey blonde that will but the red back into your hair and leave it for about 2 week (IF YOU CAN) then lighten it again with either 2 stages at a time or bleach

NOTE:dont use bleach more than twice if you can avoid using it then I would. and try not to go to ashy lol I’ve seen girls with that colour and the look grey its horrid

or just go the salon I dont like going I never get what I ask for even if its a cut but that me not you.

good luck love.x

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