What makeup will help my brown eyes stand out?

Besides the fact I hate brown eyes, I was wondering what would really make them stand out. I don’t like/wear eyeliner, but I do wear mascara. Is there anything else?

Answer #1

You may like a cream shadow. There are many different brands and prices out there. Cream shadows are nice and lightweight. They are great for women who dont like much makeup and it’s great for sensitive eyes too. For tanned skin and brown eyes, I would reccommend a shimmery gold for summer and fall, and even some nice bronzy tones are nice too. Metallics are hot right now. I also think a sheer green may be nice too!

Answer #2

If you dont like the feel of applying eyeliner but like the look, another easy way to ‘cheat’ on the look is to, buy a angle brush ( the body shop has really good ones)take the eyeshadow that you would like, (normally black) and on the top lid just use the angle brush just how you would with a eyeliner pencil… Sometimes this works better then just pencil, however it does take time to get a firm grasp of applying it and remebering not to rub it off through the day :P. I also LOOOVVEE purples and mixed browns when I wear eyeshadow..and yeaah im another brown eyed baby.

Answer #3

excuse me, brwon eyes are amazing, if I do say so myself. try using a shimmer mascara, with colored glitter or whatever it is they put in it. I always think green looks great with brown eyes, but hey, whatever color works for you. plus, im a big fan of liner. if you buy a dark brown pencil liner, you can sharpen it so a thin line is all that shows, but your eyes instantly pop. colored liner is fun too. I like to wear navy blue sometimes. it makes the brown seem…browner… but in a good way.

Answer #4

I have brown eyes which turn green over the day or on strong light and I hate it when they are green. I love dark eyes, I find them very mysterious and sexy I think they look the best out of all eyes without make up. but never mind that’s not the topic, use blue eyeshadow and black mascara, blue eye shadow looks amazing on brown eyes, or if you dont wanna bother with eyeshadow use a blue (I use a light blue) eye pencil and just put it near the upper eyelashes…it looks HOT (and mascara of course)! I always get compliments on my eyes because they are big and I have long black eye lashes and they are just so sexy…I dont see how could any one not like them??? blue eyes look awful without make up because they just look so blurry but then again…that’s just my opinion.

Answer #5

I have brown eyes and my favorite everyday look is kinda natural but also smokey… I use an eggshell white color on my browbone just below my eyebrow, then I use a charcoal color(kinda grayish-black) on the crease on my eye and then I use a dark brown and blend it on the eyelid part… it gives a very natural look that still has the “wow factor” I also use a charcoal eyeliner on top and bottom lashes and black lengthening mascara only on top.

Answer #6

Personally, I think dark eyes are mysterious and beautiful, but w/e, each to their own. I can see why you wouldn’t like eyeliner, but a really subtle look is dotting a dark brown liner in between each of your lower lashes. It makes a world of difference on the definition of your eyes, but you can barely even tell you’re wearing it. And you should also try some white liner on your inner rims to bring out the whites in your eyes and brighten them up. For your brown eyes, plum or purple shadow is the best colour because it contrasts. For something unexpected, try putting it just on your lower lash lines or on your inner corners.

Answer #7

I have brown eyes and I love them. I wear mascara black liner(thin, peach,gold shadow, and its great.

Answer #8

Hey–are you saying you hate my eyes? Hmmm, not very nice ;)

My friend has blue eyes and blonde hair (all natural) and recently got brown contacts and colored her hair dark. The grass is always greener on the other side, ladies! Enjoy what you have and what you are given, because one day, you’ll give it to your kids and I gurantee you won’t be saying, “hey kid, I hate your brown eyes.” get it? Good.

First of all–people with brown eyes can use ANY color they want. Isn’t that nice? Everything pretty much goes with brown eyes, it’s like a canvas. You just have to get creative and try different colors. Try buying a bunch of different colors at the dollar store to experiment cheaply.

As far as the eyeliner goes–you are missing out on one of the funnest parts of having brown eyes—being able to do the dark, smokey eye look! May I suggest liquid liner? It’s a LOT of fun. Black, browns greens and have fun experimenting with them. Line it on the upper lid and get an eyeshadow kit that has white, gray, and black and go for the smoky eye look by really lining your eyes with it. Use the spongy spplicator stick thing they always give you to line your eyelashes under the eyes.

On Holidays I have a lot of fun using green liner with green shadow and green glitter and on on valentines day, pink, etc.

Experimentation is KEY! Have fun!

Answer #9

haha I always say : “I wish I had coloured eyes” and when I said this to a close friend, she burst out laughing and said: “since when is brown not a clolour?”

I have this problem too… my moms a makeup artist and im always complaining about what to do to excentuate my eyes.

it also depends on your haircolour. if you have dark hair-you should probably stay away from blacks and very dark colours.

I recommend a rich brown eyeliner (its not that bad!! plus you dont have to wear it inside your eyes-I wear it outside on the bottom lid and on the top lid) and a black-brown mascara.

use a light highlighter to emphasize your eye-shape by applying it just under your brow shape. fill in the rest of your lid with golden colours, greens, turquise-it really dpepnds on what your style is or the occassion.

plus, remember- not all colours match with green and blue- so be grateful you have brown and you can choose what looks good :) hope I helped… good luck

Answer #10

I have brown eyes and I have an eyeshadow in almost every color that is the fun part about having brown eyes we can wear any color, but blue does not really look that great it looks off but it depends on the blue I have a sapphire blue and it is really dark and I can do it, or teal or a purple blue or a grayish blue works to but baby blue not so much it looks off. IT is true we can wear every color. making the eyes stand out its in the application of the color.Put I do recommended luring from lancome its a little expensive 15 dollars but it is worth it. Makes brown eye stand out. Some make up company have more pigment in they eyeshadow so go for one of them , lancome.

Answer #11

I also have brown eyes, but mine are pretty light. almay, they have eyeshadows that go with certain eye colors. and also browns…I have I think maybaline, it;s four different ones, light brown goes on your eye lid, shimmery bronze goes in the crease, white just under the brow, and darker brown in the corner, you blend them together and it works quite well.

Answer #12

You could always do what I do. I take cheap makeup and use that. firsts I put on powder then I take a very light pink cream and cover the lid. NExt I use a covergirl snowplum blush and apply that. It contrasts Nicky and makes your eyes shimmer. Last on the eyeshadow, I apply covergirl eye enhancers sugar plum (purple) and then snow clovEr (white). Then I use liquid liner on the lid as close to the lash line as possible. then apply mascara( lightly on the bottom). The trick is to have a lift color in the top and no color or a hint of color on the bottom. Hope the helped!!! ^__^

Answer #13

I have red brown eyes so I use lots of masacara black eye liner and silver eye shadow and I always have people complimenting my eyes…if you have regular brown eyes try using lighter colors like pink or purple or even aqua and some mascara.

I used to hate my eye color I always wanted to be blonde with blue or hazel eyes but then I started realizing that brown eyes are very sexy and mysterious and now I love my eyes

Answer #14

Why do you hate brown eyes? Brown eyes is the most beautiful eye color ever. At least thats what my friends say. Most people like brown eyes so. I would say Mascara is beautiful for the eyes.

Answer #15

Yes, eye shadow! :) First, make sure your mascara isn’t clumpy and dry. I would suggest Channel mascara if you would like the best looking lashes, but yes it is a little expensive for every day use. (around $26-32) For eye shadow, try either peachy color or a light pink. the peachy color will bring out your eyes and make them have a fabulous sparkel. again, i would suggest Channel. But, you also might want to go to a make up artist at the mall…preferably channel, for them to tell you there opinion. Once they tell you there opinion, DO NOT FEEL PRESURED TO BUY FROM THEM. TAKE THERE ADVICE ON COLORS, but you might want to go to a leas expensive product. I love channel, but it’s too expesive for me…but sometimes i use my sisters.

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