How can I get my brother less addicted to World of Warcraft?

He’s been playing it for about 1-2 years now.. he never enjoys anything else and swears at my parents when they want to go for a family outing. It’s horrible Dx

Answer #1

You can’t make anyone do, or stop doing anything they do not want to do, or stop doing…

Answer #2

perpusly mess up him xbox or wat ever jk but you could find a sport he likes to play or find a new game.? does he like to go to the movies? take him out for something he ejoyed before the game.:D hope i helped. -K-

Answer #3

Hang out with him or be more activee…Go outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Answer #4

I know.. :( it’s a stupid thing to ask, I know. But I was hoping for something to help at least.. thanks for commenting anyway.

Answer #5

Aw thanks I will try that :> He likes paintballing xD

Answer #6

Ok, thanks :)

Answer #7

You can also have him hang out with his friends and go to the movies…haha hope I helped!

Answer #8

You did indeed lol thanks again :>

Answer #9

Ha that stuff is CRAZY people get seriously addicted like intervention type. A girl I knew said if she didn’t mean her friends or whatever they were at a certain time online they would sabatoge her account etc. She was literally so addicted she would blow people off even school and work to make sure she was staying on top of her game. I think you should just mention going out to the park or swimming anything really outside and try to get him interested in something else. Maybe monitor his time on there tell your parents to only allow an hour a day. Or less.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Thanks ^-^

Answer #12

I’m sorry, but if a child has an addiction, it falls squarely on the parents. See the first thing my parents would have done the first time I’d sworn at them was removed the game/computer. You cannot do anything because it is your parents responsibility. And addictions stem because a person is trying to avoid something, it’s a coping mechanism. Usually the problem is not the addiction itself. It is something else. The addiction is just a symptom. Find out what the problem is, and you can help.

Answer #13

And it’s not stupid to ask. You care enough to notice and you care enough to ask. While in all practicality you may not be able to fix this on your own, good for you for trying. I wish I had someone who cared about me as much as you care about your brother. It says a lot about the type of person you are.

Answer #14

Wow thanks :)

Answer #15

well it’s easy u got 2 or 3 options 1.Delete the game 2.delete a major part of the game like the patch downloader the catclysam patch is about to come so u do the math 3.if he likes paint ball idk if he has like 5,6 friends that like it go and have a match like once a week

Answer #16

Most of the answers here are clearly from people who have never been highly addicted to any MMORPG. Suggestions of going out or doing something else will hardly help. Everytime I start feeling even a little bit addicted again on any MMORPG, (including WoW) I switch server to some high rate-fun-stuff. That way I reach all I want to achieve in a matter of days. For me this has always been a nicely working way of getting rid of this addiction.

Answer #17

Cool thanks ^-^

Answer #18

you cant. i surggest you dont get involved and leave the fella alone…

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