Breastfeeding Pictures

It seems there has been a huge uproar on a couple of big name sites lately. Apparently they have been taking down women’s pictures of them breastfeeding their children - under the rule of nudity.

Now remember in these pictures, no nipple or areola is exposed, it’s simply a baby eating off it’s mother’s breast, a completely natural thing.

Now, if they want to remove it, that’s their choice. It’s their website. To me, though, nudity would require the entire breast with nipple and areola visible, a picture of a breast in the mouth of a baby does not qualify.

What do you think? Should these pictures be considered nudity and be taken down from these websites or should they be allowed to stay?

Answer #1

I think it should stay.. If people don’t want to see it, then they don’t have to look at it. Nobody complains about porn. Like you said, it’s natural.. a mother feeding her child. I don’t understand why it would be offensive to anybody.

Answer #2

no I really dont think its a big deal, I mean its natural and everything, I just dont see why people take pictures of it and would choose to post them. but there are worse pictures I guess.

Answer #3

I find it quite beautiful. It shows life, and that life is continuing. It shows love, and care between the two. It’s naturally beautiful.

Answer #4

I think you have a very valid point and I too believe that it is a very natural thing and it’s human nature . I also agree that they can take them down if they want to . The one thing I disagree with is all of the people posting on here saying things like who would want to put pictures of that and what if a 12 year old sees it . I saw a sheep giving birth when I was 12, I saw breastfeeding when I was twelve, hell I see I don’t know how many things that some of you people are saying I shouldn’t when I do . I completely agree with mandyloo on this one, she’s right, as always .

Answer #5

People take pictures of their babies eating out of bottles - to women who breastfeed, it’s the same thing. It’s memories.

Answer #6

ok mandy why do you want a picture of a baby attached to your boob on here anyway

Answer #7

how about a pic of an adult man breast feeding from his wife/girlfriend? what if he is thirsty? nothing wrong with that either.

Answer #8

Breastfeeding is such a natural human activity it should be acceptable anywhere.

When I was a young adult I found the sight of women breastfeeding their kids in public disturbing and wished that women wouldn’t do it in restaurants etc. I thought that mothers should excuse themselves to the bathroom if they had to nurse. Now I see my earlier very unenlightened view as lack of experience and understanding. Now I see breastfeeding as a wholesome and natural activity. Mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed as frequently and long as possible instead of being hidden and segregated.

Answer #9

Did I ever say that I wanted one of me? No. I did not breastfeed my child anyways.

I just think it’s ridiculous that mothers can not share pictures of their children eating - but 13 year old’s can have their breast hanging out as long as a nipple is not showing. How is that fair? Most of the mother’s who’s pictures got deleted, had the pictures up to share with their families and friends that do not live close to them. There is nothing gross, innaproprite, or wrong with a picture of a breastfeeding woman. Walk into a health clinic - they have them on the walls.

Answer #10

thats just crazy frist off its the internet hints any thing goes, if they dont allow a breast feeding mother then why arent all the pron sites closed down now question?was that her own personal web page? or did she post a pic on someone elses site cause tech. they wouldnt be wrong for regulated what they feel in unaproperite. but I agree wit you I dont see anything wrong with a nursing mother.

Answer #11

May I ask how it’s a big mess though. Remember - no nipples and no areola’s are showing what so ever.

Young girls post pictures of their breast hanging out all the time - and yet they leave them because no nipple is showing. So why can’t a mother post a picture of her child eating off of her breast?

Answer #12

OK, I understand that you think it is a natural thing. I believe you should not put pictures of it here. It is something the 12 year old kids should not see. They get into it and its a big mess. Thanks Taylor

Answer #13

I said above - it’s a few big name sites right now (myspace and facebook) that have been deleting the pictures. I also said I realize they have the right to delete anything they feel is inappropriate, which they did.

I am asking what everyone’s elses views on breastfeeding pictures are. Do you feel they are nudity? Do you feel they should not be allowed?

Answer #14

I think they should be allowed. if someone doesnt want to look at it they dont have too. like everyone else said breastfeeding is a natural thing not porn. if they were so concerned about what the public thought they should consider taking things of the internet that are TRULY nasty and degrading.

Answer #15

(cough cough) facebook. I saw a topic about this on the dr.phil show. I personally wouldn’t feed my child (if I had one) in public. It’s kinda personal I think.

Answer #16

how about a pic of an adult man breast feeding from his wife/girlfriend? what if he is thirsty? nothing wrong with that either”.

You stupid person!


Answer #17


May I ask you how you would feed your child then? How would you run errands, do things you needed to do, get out the house, etc, when you are breasfeeding your child? Sometimes you just have to - they eat every 2 hours when they first born, that doesn’t give you much time to do anything if you don’t breastfeed outside of your home.

Answer #18

Its natural and shouldn’t be keep in the closet. Its’ part of the problem we have in this PC world. Get over it and lets mothers be mothers and do whatever they chose with their breasts…and showing them couldnt be much more than showing a bikini…good question Mandyloo

Answer #19

I think it should stay unless the part of the areola is showing but if its just like the baby latched on then no it should stay

Answer #20

it’s funny how you all keep harking back to “well they allow porn!” well guess what, porno isn’t allowed to be posted on facebook either! and, it’s not like porno is being linked to via myspace/facebook…they have entirely separate sites for that stuff, yes or no? I can see the point of what someone else said, they don’t want their young teens seeing the pictures.

now, with that being said, I too think it’s insane that blatant cleavage pictures and the like are allowed to be posted with little to no problems but breastfeeding is not. the only real difference in any of the pictures is that a baby is attached to the breast instead. however, clearly in a breastfeeding pic the focus is on the breasts, while in any other pic that’s not necessarily the focus. that’s the only thing I could think of as to why they would get in an uproar about it…but like I said, I dont think they should ban breastfeeding pictures anyway.

Answer #21

I dunno… if the website owner is doing it for humiliation to that person or if he(its usualy a he) is doing it just to be a perv, then yes I think the pictures should be removed but somtimes its required for that web site you know? if they want to see porn then why dont they just buy it at the swap meet then huh?

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