How much would braces cost if you have no insurance?

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Around 2 grand

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That's sad that it'll cost you that much if you don't have insurance :( move to Australia and get them for free!

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That's a lot of money O:

what: im getting my braces off jnuary 29th, painfulll??
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i know D: i wish i could aha

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I really hope you can get them!

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uhhh theyre not free in australia?

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Thank you gabby & are they really free there?

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You're welcome!
And yes if your parents don't earn over a certain amount each year and you don't have insurance, the government pays for it.

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Depending on where you live (state) and your parents financial status, many states do offer dental care to minors. Otherwise, your parents could talk to dentists about working out a sliding scale on the costs. You could also check out if there is a dental school in your area that may be able to to fit you with braces for a fraction of the cost.

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depending on how bad your teeth are 2,000-5,000 mine costed $5000 and my bros costed 3000 my teeth were REALLY bad though

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Mine where around $4000 :(
And I think where a total rip off. I think my teeth lined up better before I had the braces and really wish I had never got them.
They scared me into saying they would probably have to break my jaw later in life to realign my teeth if I didn't get it taken care of now. I wish I would have went with the chance I needed work later instead of getting the braces.

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I know this is completely off topic - but I really hate that attitude of "I can just get it for free!! They gov't pays for it". Well that money has to come from somewhere - the tax payers. Gov't doesn't just crap that money out of no where.........
Sorry about my short rant.

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they are more than 2000 usually! wayyyy more

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mine were 2 grand , checkups were free

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around 40 , 120 or 240$

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about 3000 with out insurents

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oh well usually they are alot more it depends on how bad your teeth are. mine were $5000

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usually 10 thousand

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no... they are abou 5000 it depends on how bad ur teeth r and mine were REALLY bad and they costed 5000 my bros werent tooo bad and his were 3000

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in boston i believe its around 1000 because i know someone who their insurance didnt cover it but i think it varies with how much your teeth need fixing

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The Australian government do this because there are a lot of people who can't afford it. My Mum was a single parent trying to raise three kids. The last thing she wanted was to have to fork out thousands of dollars to fix my teeth. Tax payers pay for everything nowadays, but a lot of people benefit from it in the long run.

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I'm just grouchy being the tax payer that has to pay for it. I don't like seeing several hundred dollars getting yanked out of my check every payday or the several grand in property taxes I pay to a POS school system.
I know the systems are there to help people and many people use them correctly, I'm just a little bitter about the whole is all :P.

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