How do you remove braces?

How do you remove braces yourself?

Answer #1

how do I remove the little metal thing thst is gluded on that holds wire

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out of curiosity I’ve done it!it was exciting!haha, you better try!haha

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well, i havent had braces but im pretty sure they’re meant to be there. Dont take them off. Stick with it. And after they’re taken off, everyone will be wanting your perfect teeth.

Answer #5

ahahaha, i was wondering the same thing. i’ve got braces too, and i know that it sucks.. but just think how nice it will be once you get them off. i’m sure it’ll be worth it, believe me. time will pass and eventually you’ll have perfect teeth. it’ll be great. :) hang in there, dude.

Answer #6

You can take them off realy easily. But the glue can only come off with the special tools at the orthodonists. It would be dumb to take of your braces so just bear with them for as lon as you need to. I hated mine but now that their off I’m glad I had them. You will be too.

Answer #7

nooo!!! you would probley have bleeding gums

Answer #8

I have braces and have had them for almost 3 years. I must say they arent as bad as everyone keeps complaining about but im a freshman in college and I completely can understand why you are sick of them and want them off asap! I went in November and asked how much longer I had and they said I got sooo excited told everyone and was so happy to finally have it over! But I went today and they told me another 3 to 6 months. Sorry NOT happening. Im going to make an appt in January to have them taken off. You can do this at your ortho as well. Your parents or whoever paid for the braces will have to be there to sign the release form and the doctor may not be too happy but who cares. both of my bestfriends also had braces and they signed theirs off too. As long as you wear your retainer then your teeth should pretty much stay in place. Although if you dont wear it they will move. Everyones mouth is different so some may move more than others. I also believe that if your braces are already paid for this shouldnt cost any extra money. Removal is part of the payment so it shouldnt cost anything. Good luck!

Answer #9

I have had braces on for almost 9 years ( I had a tumor that was preventing my 2ndary tooth from coming down.. blah blah 7.5 years and four surgeries later, my orthodontist quit on me and basically told me to go somewhere else.. my teeth were way nicer before I had braces, they were straight, aligned, midlined, and now theyre so high up you can barely see my top teeth when I talk. I dont know what to do. I havent been to an orthondotist in over a year, my braces are falling apart.. and today I decided to take off my power chain and the wires the brackets are still on, im scared to take them off. I just dont know what to do? I mean what kind of doctor does this? my teeth are no where near to what they were BEFORE braces. I wish I never got them. worst mistake of my life. I will regret it til the day I die. now im thinking about blowing 6,000 on lumineers because my top teeth wont come down and im tired of being made fun of.

Answer #10

You have them for a reason, keep them on.

Answer #11

I didn’t even try to take my braces off my back brackets kept falling off by themselves there is cement on my teeth but he comes off more and more when I brush them.. :) but I would try to take them off.. what if your tooth cracks in half and you wont know until you take the bracket all the way off..

Answer #12

I just removed mine now!


toothpicks - for the rubberband nail clipper

  1. Think twice before removing them, I removed mine because I got them on for 5 years now!
  2. Boil your nail clipper to “sterilize” it.
  3. Use the toothpick to remove the “rubberbands” around the bracket.
  4. Once every rubberband is removed, pull the metal wire off.
  5. Carefully use the nail clipper to remove the bracket of your braces.
  6. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth cleaned. (cement and stains will be hard to completely remove and this should be just cheap :D)
Answer #13

I need to know that because these stupid things are killing me ahhh I hate em

Answer #14

seriously, you want to take them off yourself? First of all, it would hurt like hell. Second, braces cost a ton of money, (think thousands), so it would be a hit to your parents. Third, it’s just a dumb idea to even try. Why do you think you got them in the first place? To help you. Try being thankful you have the opportunity to fix your teeth.

Answer #15

I have braces and they suck. Plus I have an expander. and that thing gets food in it and you can’t say certain words. l0l. but time goes by fast. My back wire popped off once they fixed it and it popped off again then it fell all the way off and I ate it by mistake.. hahaha.. I wouldn’t try taking them off by yourself unless your really hopped up on something haha. but what are you going to do when their off and you need a retainer ?! if it wasn’t for that I would do it too. Cause ya know your teeth can go back into place like before you got braces.

Answer #16

I had braces for a few years myself, and I also had the problem with the back brackets popping off. What I did was bend the wire back and forth until it broke and that bracket came out. I know it hurts when that thing is popped up and cutting the inside of your mouth. However I do agree that you shouldn’t try to remove the rest of the brackets on your own.

Answer #17

im in the process of taking mine off now. they just pop right off. the back brackets dont hurt at all but the top front teeth and the bottom front teeth may cause a little discomfort but the pain only lasts for a few seconds. maybe everyone is different. people can tolerate pain and some cant. I took mine off myself so I wouldnt have to pay for something I can do myself, hey call me cheap if you want lol. all I have to do now is make an appointment for the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and I have insurance for that, I dont have orthodontic insurance

Answer #18

is there anywhere that you can buy that stupid tool that the ortho has? I want to remove my own brackets but I”m not sure about using nail clippers.

Answer #19

You should not!!!! There isn’t a way to do it that I am aware of, but I had braces up to this December. I know you probably can’t wait to take them off and be free of the extra iron in your mouth, but if you do find a way to take them off…. #1. It will hurt like hell…that is if you don’t yank your teeth out as well #2. If you do, you will screw up your teeth, and they will be worse than they were before, plus they will hurt way more, and there is a chance of you creating gum infections as well #3.Your parents or who ever did not put these in your mouth to be rude, they did it so that you can look more attractive when you get older, and i’m sure they would not appreciate you yanking them considering HOW MUCH THEY COST. #4. If you do, i guarantee that your orthodontist will put them back in, and maybe even add a head piece to insure that you will not be able to yank your braces off…that is if you find a way.

this is my advice, now you do not have to take it, but i am trying to guide you in the best direction so that you will not hate your self when you look in the mirror a couple years from now.

Answer #20

take off your bands with like a needle or something sharp then take out your wire an then ta a pair of plyers and pull off.

Answer #21

Try heating a pair of pliers with a lighter (or weak blow-torch) until it’s hot enough to melt the glue.

I haven’t tried this on mine yet. I’m ganna try to get the dentist guy to remove them.

Hurry up and let me know D:

Answer #22

dont use nail clipper shit or anything else go to and buy the actual dental plier it removes the cement im in the process of buying..the only thing that worries me is my teeth shifting bcs of no retainer but I cant pay to get them off anymore and I’ve had them for a year too long so its my only choice I cant afford to pay 1,069. to get them off. and to take of the bands its easy just get that tooth scraper that looks like a tiny hook and its easy!

Answer #23

To ladyatiga you have the same problem I have. same thing with my son and the ortho basically told me the same thing pay or no go. it really amazes me the way things are today. you would think people would be willing to help and work with you, but no, it appears all these people in the med field just want to get richer. Its to bad that we just cant all help each other out without having to get something in return. oh well…good luck

Answer #24

My cousin took hers off with a tooth pick she did it rite in front of my face…it just hurt her for a while…but not so sure abt ya’ll…

Answer #25

how do you remove braces at home tips on what will help getting them off

Answer #26

im having the exact same problem!!me,my mom &my sister all got braces on at the same time..& my mom only paid for hers!!its NOT FAIR!!I asked when shes gonna take off mine & my sisters & she says “you 2are old enough to get jobs” YOU KONW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A JOB AT 16?!& at this time of year?!ugh!!but then she goes spending hundreds of dollars on stuff she doesnt need!!my braces are ready to come off my ortho. said but we just have to clear the balance :(

Answer #27

Pfft I got all but the top bands off myself… however I wouldn’t suggest taking off your braces on your own as I did, and though I didn’t know it at the time, I screwed up a couple of my teeth, as what I assumed was ‘just cement’ was parts of enamel… so now that I finally have dental insurance again I need to go and have four teeth capped.

A pair of pliers (small jewelry pliers), and/or nail clippers (yes nail clippers), pain killers, and patients is all you really need to remove your own braces… but like I said I wouldn’t suggest it. The brackets on the front teeth HURT the worst to remove… I was almost in tears and I handle pain pretty well, I mean I broke my wrist and didn’t know it, aside from minor swelling. But yeah just a little twist of the pliers or clip of the nail clippers and you’ll be free of braces… … the cement is also another tricky thing. Lots of brushing (not aggressive just normal brushing) and use of either a dental scraper or toothpick will remove most of it though.

Answer #28

I was in the same boat, and did the same thing. (:

Answer #29

I was in the same boat, and did the same thing. (:

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