What do guys think of girls with braces?

what do guys think of girls with braces? im gettin braces in feb 1st and wounder what this boy I reallylike will think.

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I think they make a girl look extremely sexy.

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I think they make a girl look very sexy.

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Not a lot of guys really care about braces. I had braces and these huge springs in my mouth for a year and I had a lisp but I still dated a bunch of guys. You only have them for a little while then you get nice straight teeth it's worth it

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Its not like their a permanant fixture, so why should it even matter? Its a couple of years out of your whole life.

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it might be kinda weird, but I think girls with braces are really cute, and they are the ones I would most likely go out with.

cute with bubbly personality >> hot girl thinks shes all that

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some care, but most dont, if they care, they are mostly shallow, because why would they not accpet something that is useful to better one's self? :] funmail with any questions! :]

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I have had girlfriends with braces and I didnt care I mean it depends on the guy but I personally think they make girls hot.

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my girlfriend has them it doint matter about that thoght its personality

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I like em.

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OMG, my friends have always said that I'm weired because I love braces on girls. I've always found them extreamly hot. I'm not just saying this, I'm usually very blunt when people ask for my oppinion. So don't worry about it, for the small population of people that don't like them, their's another small population of people that think they look hot.

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Thanks guys who answered, I'm going into high school next year and I got braces 2 months ago... I was like freaking out about if it was a turn off or not, thanks for answering... :]

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I have braces and my boyfriend says that he doesnt care that I have braces he loves me anyway.

At the end of the day they straighten your teeth thats all they are doing so they arent really that bad lol :D

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They're AwEsOmE

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They are hot!!!

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