What are some bracelet colors and meanings?

red bracelet = anorexia
purple = bulimia
green = EDnos

is there any other colours for other eating disorders?

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you can make your own or buy them.
it doesn't matter what they are made of or where they're from.
it's to symbolize the disorder you have and support for others.
no it's not charity, but some people on the net do sell them.
I've started making some recently.
for myself and others to sell.

you can also get:

orange or black = self harm
yellow = suicidal
blue or green = depression
green = manic/bipolar depression
teal = anxiety disorder + ocd + panic disorder

you can mix the colors to show support for several things.

if you add 1 white bead to a bracelet is means you are trying to recover from that illness.
if you have half white/half the illness colour it means you're in recovery.

I have a list of all the illnesses [not just mental ones] that are symbolised by colours.
well all the ones I know of.

hope that made sense.

[I've added an example pic' for you]

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the people who come up with it are the people who suffer from it, so im sure they know its pretty serious, and it isnt playing around, it creates a community, if your out and you see someone wearing an ana bracelet then you know that their going through the same thing

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Whoever comes up with these things needs to find something better do with their time. Its not something to play around about, thats serious.

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I think EDNOS can be either pink or green, actually. Anorexia is red and bulimia is purple, though, for sure.

Also, black can be for either depression or self-injury as well. And orange usually symbolizes RECOVERY from self-injury, rather than self-injury alone.

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Where did you get these from I never even knew there were such things?
where do you get them from..
is it like a charity money proceeds go to or something

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My apologizes.
I thought it was something different.
I remember when I was younger there were these 'sex' bracelet things that were really lame and I thought these bracelet things were something like them

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Actually EDnos is pink.

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stephanie987 = serious! it's bracelets to bring a community together.

liliobscene = thanks for for posting why people do this.

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Again I'm sorry. I feel so dumb =(
Blah. I don't want you people to think I'm rude or some kind of jerk.
I respect the idea. I've never heard of these bracelets. What country are you people from?

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Red: Anoerexia
Purple: Bulimia
Green: fasting at that time
Black: Si (self injury)
Blue: depression
Pink: ednos (eating disorder not yet specified)
Orange: SIer (self injuryier)
Orange and White: recovered SIer
Ana Recovery-Red and Black
Mia Recovery-purple and black
cutter recovery-blue and black
ednos recovery-black/green/blue

I found these on a website.. I can't remember which one though.

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^ hehe yeah I remember them.

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damn why do different peole/sites say different colours!

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Well I've heard of them and I am from the UK,
Infact I have three.
A teal on, a red one, and a blue one.

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