How can I get over my boyfriend's cheating?

I had/have a boyfriend that I have been with for almost 2 years now… during are one year anniversary we began to fight a little, things were rocky. Well we ended breaking up and a week later he slept with another girl… A slut to go along with it… he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made and we have been on and off ever since then. To make it worse he slept with this girl the day I had to put my dog to sleep… it was the worst day ever… However I didn’t find out that day I ended up finding out that coming weekend… he told me everything that happened, which I appreciate,but, I can’t get over it… I know that, it wasn’t like him to do something like that… he’s just not like that… It has been a long time, but every time I turn around thats all my mind is on… He gets mad at me for bring it up, but I just can’t forget!! I cry I get mad it’s a mess… I really love him and to make things worse he was my first and my only… it hurts!! I need some input… he doesn’t talk to her since that night, it was a one night stand… but it kills me inside…help!!

Answer #1

dump him and forget him, you can do better.

Answer #2

Its tough, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me through his bedroom window also. He told me he was going out with his brothers and he usually calls me when he goes out to let me know he got home safely, and he never called. So I woke up in the middle of the night and called him, but no answer. I was worried so I drove to his house and heard him having sex with another girl from the window. I can’t even describe the feeling, I wish this on no one and I’m still traumatized. He’s not the cheating type at all, but he said that he had way too much to drink that night and one thing led to another. I love him a lot and somewhere deep down I found it in my heart to forgive him and work things out. I forgave him, but I will never forget. It’s still pretty early to tell how things will work out, but I’m hoping for the best. We’re going to couples therapy so wish us luck!

Answer #3

I was going out with this guy for 2 years and then we had a little argument and he went ahead and slept with another girl who is apparently a s l you t. Even though I still love him and want to get back with him, I cannot forget what he did and I definitely cannot trust him. The wise thing to do in such a situation is to leave such a relationship. If he cheats in you once, he’ll do it again. Try to get your mind off him. It wont be easy. But you’ll survive. Good luck dear. You’ll be fine.

Answer #4

You can’t I tried and tried it’ll never work, and if you stay you would be settling for less. The feeling hurts so bad I cry trying to explain. I cry so much and can’t stop at some points, but I was warned before about him from his ex girl she told me that, that’s all he ever done to her. We were in love…I was in love. I just don’t know what to do at night sometimes when he’s not here and I wonder why he didn’t care. I can never forget I will never forget, I guess I should just learn from my mistakes,God help Me PLease!!!

Answer #5

I wish I knew th answer to this question I really do,, I heard my boyfriend cheating on me from outside his house it shocked me because I never thought he’d hurt me. even now laying in bed with him makes me feel sick because that sound constantly goes through my head the more I try not to thinkabout itthe more I do, we never spoke about this after it happened. I got back with him and I fell pregnant and on the day of finding out we was having a baby boy he went out and cheated on me agen and he told me it was going on for months, it makes me feel sick to think he was with me the next day tellin me how sorry he was that he didnt come back because his battery on his phone die, I went to his house the next day and banged on thedoor because we had a second scan but I didnt know at the time that while I ws missing my sons scan banging on his door he was in bed with someone else.. im still with him, I do love him but its ruined our relationship I know he is going to be a good dad but im constatly textin him to see where he is because im alwys thnking he is with her :(

Answer #6

went through the very same thing, but i would NEVER take my ex back. He told me he had s*x out of hurt. Well, i was hurt too, but didnt sleep with anyone. He cheats on his gf ALL the time. He always told me he wasnt like other guys, but he was just piling one lie on top of another.

Dont label the girl he slept with….he has a head that he should have used, but it wasnt the one attached to his neck! Thats their self defense, and i think its a big weakness when they go and sleep with another girl so soon after! Just goes to show how he truly felt about you. Thats how i look at it. My ex must not have truly loved me for him to do what he did. Im a forgiving person, but i just dont look at him the same way i used to. I wont wont settle for anything less than i deserve. I feel if he did it once, he will do it again……..and he continues to do so!

If you cant get past what he did, then you arent going to have much of a relationship. A cloud will always hang over your relationship, and you’ll never truly feel cherished, or completely loved. Your the one that has to live with what he did, and if you cant, then you need to leave him, and move on.

Answer #7

Hmm… a lot of what she said is true but at the same time people make mistakes. It’s true that you didn’t go and sleep with someone and he did, but guys are guys. The question is can you still trust him. Because what is a relationship without trust? Are you willing to really try to make things work and risk your heart. But that’s the thing. Love is a risk. You can’t judge a person by one mistake. If it happens over and over again it’s different. But it’s human nature to mess up… If you really love him, look at the whole situation… of course it’s hard to move on but if it really was just once then forgive but don’t forget, you should remember what happened but for you to move on you have to forgive him or your relationship will go nowhere.

Answer #8

I am in a similar situation right now… my boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months or so, and a few months back I would catch him texting “I love you” to some girl he works with…and they had like some kind of work relationship going on…I was mad at the time but I didn’t say much because we were not technically together, just dating…but he practically lived with me. It was a huge mistake, I should have left him a long time ago, but I didn’t …I just waited until he decided that he wanted to be with me, which he did…but probably b/c she wanted to end it (she had a boyfriend outside of work too). So NOW we live together and all I think about is how terrible he made me feel back then, and how I wish he would have done things differently…and I don’t want to just leave him because he’s been around for awhile and my kid calls him daddy. The point is, don’t get too involved with someone after you know that they have treated you badly. It HURTS LIKE HELL to let them go, especially if you love them, but even if they say they have changed, YOU haven’t and you will never forget about it. It will always be in the back of your mind. Start over with someone who has no intentions of hurting you.

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