why my boyfriend dont ley me go through his cell phone?

Answer #1

Many times a cellphone is something personal, I personally don’t like people going trough my cellphone no matter how much I trust them or stuff like that. But you can talk to him and ask him, and let him know how this is making you feel. Meaby he will have his reasons.

Answer #2

Well my wife does not go through my cell phone, but she knows she could if she wanted to. How long have you two been a couple, cell phones can be private to people, all mine is, is for work.

Answer #3

he tells me that his pohone is very personal to him nd that he dont like noone going through his phone. i told him that i think he is hidding something from me and he tells me and swear to me that he is not, i believe him but it bothers me that he dont let me see his phone bcuz my ex boyfriend told me that he wasnt hiding nothing from me but he was

Answer #4

Dic 28 we gonna b a year 2gether

Answer #5

Yeah, it’s like a trust thing here, you need to trust him about what he sais, Has he ever cheated on you before? If not, and he has been truthful to you always and all of that then you should respect that and know that some people do like their own space, just like you might have something that you let NOBODY go trough.

Answer #6

Well in a relationship, secrets can kill it, I know that I have no secrets with my wife of now 13 years in fact I love talking to her about things I will tell no one else.

Answer #7

I feel the same way about my phone and iPod and stuff like that. Maybe he feels that’s it’s personal and he doesn’t want anyone going through it. And it makes him apprehensive. Not that there’s anything bad on it just because somebody is touching it. Don’t worry about it

Answer #8

Here’s the more important question, why do you feel the need to go through his cell phone? If you dont trust him, why are you with him? He’s not your ex. I dont have anything on my cell, but it would irritate me to no end if someone felt the need to go through it.

Answer #9

no he was neve cheat on me before… i do trust him.. thanks a lot :)

Answer #10

If u trust him then y the need to go through the phone?

Answer #11

I conduct buisness on my phone, I wud be in a world of trouble if my info got out, my phone is very personal, and NO ONE GETS TO GO THROUGH IT, not only personal reasons but security as well

Answer #12

omg 13? :) thats good :) yeah we do talk a lot, a lot…i can tell him anything, we are so good 2gether is jus that sometimes i trip about the phone. one more thing…i am a very jealous person, i cant stand when he look at girls…i mean he dont stared at them, bt i get mad, and i try to not get mad so hard bt it still happens..most of the time i try to not show him that im mad over stupid stuff like that but he knows me really good

Answer #13

i know wat u mean…but i am a verry jealous person and sometimes i cant control myself… i just dont want to get cheat on again. :/

Answer #14

it’s pro his personal thing like a dairy it depends on everytime you ask try to see the look on he’s face and you can pro tell why

Answer #15

i do trust him, nd yes he is not my ex, im a very jealous person and im tryin to stop beein like this bcuz i trust him bt its hard, idk how to stop…i have change a lot doe…wen me and him started dis relationship omg it was crazy bt still i feel i need to stop bein jealous at all..i really dont like bein like dis..

Answer #16

Well here is some good advice, a jealous person will end up a lonely person, jealously will ruin a relationship

Answer #17

i really dont want that to happen..

Answer #18

Well looking at other girls, I think that is a guy thing, and you will have to get over that, it is human nature. I sometimes nug my wife and say look at her, or their could be a guy checking my wife out, or girl checking me out. If a guy checks out my girl it makes me feel good, I got something you can’t have. LOL Life is to short, you have to trust one another, you have to play, and you just need to have fun.

Answer #19

i haveto get over it.. is true wat u said about u havin something that they cant have lol so i guess it was always me nd not him..huh? thanks 4 ur advices :) i feel better now :)

Answer #20

Well that’s what will happen, people get tired of tryin to prove they r or they aren’t doin something, u either trust them to do wat they said they were doin or u don’t, if ur partner is bn honest with u thr is no need to b jealous, now if u have caught them in lies and u don’t trust them, I feel u don’t need to b with them cuz its to much strain and stress on a realtionship, of any kind

Answer #21

idk. he could have messages from other girls on it. or pics from before you started dating (if you just started dating) from other girls, or he just doesnt like ppl goin thru his stuff which isnt uncommon

Answer #22

That is good, and you have to enjoy your relationship, and your relationship has to be a mutual thing, one person can’t do all the work. An like I said, have fun with each other.

Answer #23

Jealousy is usually based around insecurities and a lack of trust in some area. If you did trust him, you would not be asking him to look through his phone because you’d be giving him the benefit of the doubt and you’d be believing that he’s not hiding anything from you. Just because he won’t let you look through it, it doesn’t mean that he is hiding something. He just wants a little privacy – which is normal. As his girlfriend, you need to respect his space and only look through it if he says “here, check it out”. Otherwise, leave it be and give him the benefit of the doubt. Jealousy is very unhealthy for a relationship.

Answer #24

yeah i know is not healthy… that why im not going to try to c his phono nomore, i really love him … thanks :)

Answer #25

my boy friend said if a guy doesn’t let you go thru his phone; he’s most likely cheating. But just like you like your privacy, he likes his. He probably thinks you dont trust him, without trust there’s no point in being in a relationship

Answer #26

He could be hhiding something from you, but it could also just be as simple as he wants his privacy and doesnt feel comfortable with people looking through it

Answer #27

Would you let him go thought your mobile phoone, emails etc?

Answer #28

Men don’t excatly register things like women. Its purely psycological and cultrual. Basically Women feel it is harder to earn trust then men. Also women who have been hurt many times, for instance cheated on a lot, they have deep insecurities. Men feel that “if you are dating me, you should trust me” they sometimes forget it should be earned. Try to have a conversation about it. A point you may want to go over for yourself however, before you say anything to him, is this. Has he ever given you reasons to suspect before? And if he really wants to leave, in all reality there is nothing stopping him. No matter how much you bug him and pester him, it could only make it worse. He would feel like you have a trust issue, and men hate that. Almost as much as they hate insecure women. Just look at it like this, If it is meant to be it will be. If he truely wants to be with you, he will be.

Answer #29

You also mentioned you were a jealous person Realizing it is the first step.

Answer #30

like was said before, if u dont trust him why be with him? i am not saying this as a oisitive answer, but have yu noticed anythig unusual that suspects cheating?

Answer #31

Yeah I would.. I have nothing to hide

Answer #32

Thanks :)

Answer #33

No I haven’t

Answer #34

i have the same question why?is he hiding something..

Answer #35

he maybe just hideing something from you that he doesnt want you to look through his cell phone but also whats the whole point on looking thru his shytt in the first place lols

Answer #36

probably because he’s been talking 2 someone else

Answer #37

There’s one of either two things going on here….ONE is ur bf don’t let u go thru his phone not b/c he’s cheating, it could be somethin simple as he’s irritated at ur obsession wit goign thru his phone and he feels like u don’t trust him enough or TWO it could be that there’s something in it that he doesn’t want you to see. Odds are if u look deep enough u’ll always find something even if its small. Going thru people’s phone could be bad though b/c u could see somethin and it’s really nothing but u take it a bad one, then the next thing u know yall fighting and arguing, next yall break up and that leave u wit thinkin” Man I shouldn’t have gone through his phone”, Hopes this helps girl:)

Answer #38

my ex bf is the same……i just wait til he goes somewhere or cuddle him til he is asleep…..but yea…i go thought his fone just cuz im nosey its got nothin to do wit trust its just bein nosey and its oki to be nosey :)

Answer #39

:) thanks a lot :)

Answer #40

lol :)

Answer #41

Ur welcome girl:)

Answer #42

If your boyfriend dosen’t let you go through his phone is because he has something to hide from you. If he didn’t have anything to hide then he’d let you look through it.

Answer #43

now me personally i cud careless about going through my boyfriends phone bcuz i trust him…..but if ur getting a funny feelings like u need 2 just ask him nicely…..but if he wont let u check it den he doesnt want u 2 see anything someone has txtd him or called him that he shudnt b talkn 2….but if he wont let u look thru his phone and he wont come clean den just let him go….

Answer #44

I had an ex bf to do this and it was because he was cheating :/ Im not saying he is but i would really talk to him and tell him how you feel and ask him why he wont let you go through it :)

Answer #45

well, even though you two are in a relationship, some things should be able to keep private. In my opinion, there may or may not be some messages that he may be hiding, although I hope that is not the case…

Answer #46

He’s with his other girlfriend(s).

Answer #47

because it’s none of your business. if you’re going out with the guy you should trust him enough

Answer #48

Well I neva let my boyfriends go thur my fone. Not rlly cuz of my txts. More cuz I got ugly or weird pics of me on my fone. I got vids of me singing. I don’t want him seeing wat I look up on the internet jus cuz its weird nd stupid stuff. This is y me nd my guy broke up. I don’t want u to take this situation to seriously. But sometimes it culd mean he’s cheating… if u rlly wnna go thur his fone jus do it wen he’s in the bathroom or sleeping or something lol.

Answer #49

Because that’s an invasion of his privacy, we don’t like that. It makes us feel that you don’t trust us at all. Without trust there can be no relationship….well and maybe because he has lots of other naked women on there.

Answer #50

becuse we know soon as we let you you will se a girls name and it could just be a friend and yiu girls flip the fu*k out thats why.

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