How do i make my boyfriend horny?

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when you kiss let him touch u.. lick/suck his neck bite his neck sometimes but lightly dont hurt him.. rub/grab/ play with his package... =) hope this helps

ANSWER #2 of 9

find something that turns him on, and master it, talk to him, and ask him what turns him on, in a late night conversation, or HELL in the middle of class.. goodluck.. :]

make your boyfriend horny
ANSWER #3 of 9

if you are sittin on his lap every now and then move and try to get you as as close to his dick as possible... or just lightly grab it but very softly.

How to make my boyfriend horny?
ANSWER #4 of 9

do sexy stuff for him.

What can I do to make my boyfriend really horny?
ANSWER #5 of 9

something as simple as a touch can make him horny...or talk dirty that words too

How do I know if I am horny
ANSWER #6 of 9

when you guys makeout take his hand and put it on your boob.
then after a while lift of your shirt and bra, that will get him going.
make sure you touch him too!

How can I make my boyfriend horny with limits?
ANSWER #7 of 9

try grinding urself againist him while makingout or maybe a handjob

what should I do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs
ANSWER #8 of 9

touch him around his private part, rub his thighs, i do it always to my boyfriend and it always works ;) goodluck.

How do you know if a girl is horny?
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