Why can't my boyfriend get his own food stamps in his name?

My boyfriend wants to get his own food stamps, in his name… and he wants to add me on. However, when my mom tried to take him off of hers and tell them he wanted his own, they said he couldn’t have his own in his name. Why not, he’s a grown man?

What can we do do get him his own food stamps in his name? I really need someone to explain all of this, because it’s really aggravating. I don’t understand why he can’t get it in his name…

Answer #1

Why can’t he get a job, and why do you have a grown man as a boy friend that don’t have a job?

Answer #2

He does have a job…?

Answer #3

Does the agency know that he is no longer living with his mother? He may need to provide proof that he’s living on his own. Is he 18 yet? If not, that could be a factor.

Answer #4

Yes, they know he is no longer living with his mother. They know he is staying with me at my parents house temporarily… as he is on my parents food stamps. He is 21.

Answer #5

I believe only one person in the household can claim food stamps for the family, and if he’s living under your mother’s roof, he qualifies as a dependent in her household. Otherwise, people would be claiming food stamps for several people in a household, which is obviously fraudulent.

Answer #6

I can understand the need for help, but I moved out of my parents house at the age of 18, got my first job in a warehouse, and have worked my butt off so that I would never have to live off someone else. I am sorry I just wish people work work hard to make a living and life for themselves, and not work harder not to work.

Answer #7

It’s unfair to just assume he’s not working hard enough…jobs are difficult to come by these days, especially if you haven’t been able to gain enough experience.

Answer #8

So, he can’t be taken off of my mothers and get his own? He isn’t going to be claiming for the whole family… he is just going to have himself and me on it. Also, would that mean that every time we move in with someone else we have to be put on their food stamps? That’s a lot of switching around and hassle. It seems stupid. -__-

Answer #9

They should have given reason for denying him. Although, since hes living with your mom and you at the moment and she recieves foodstamps he can not recieve them on his own. Only one person per household can recieve foodstamps. Also, to Chris, dont assume things about people who need help. I have been on foodstamps before and i worked damn hard and tried my best. Just because you need assisstance doesnt mean you should be put down.

Answer #10

I agree Colleen. There are not many jobs around here that are hiring, or even taking applications. We live in a very small town. It was difficult to find a job, so he had to go through a program to get him a job. Now, he is working as hard as he can… but he is only making $3 an hour. He can’t help that… it’s not up to him how much they pay. I can’t even find a job. I’ve called 30 places at one time trying to find places that were hiring or that I could apply for, and non were hiring and some weren’t even taking applications.

Answer #11

Well depending on the situation and state some households can have 2 people getting stamps, I was liveing with my mother about 3 yrs ago and we both got foodstamps, I’m not tryin to say your wrong but just giveing some info that I have, don’t take it the wrong way please

Answer #12

Do you have seperate bills? Like ones that are in his name? One reason could be is because you don’t pay rent, that makes a differance as well, if he can’t prove that he has bills to pay that may be the reason, I hope this info helps

Answer #13

I’ve seen plenty of situations where more that one person had food stamps in the same household as well, such as two couples living together… that’s why I am so confused.

Answer #14

They didn’t ask for any of that… they didn’t explain why he couldn’t get food stamps on his own, in his name. They just simply said “No, he can’t get food stamps in his name.”

Answer #15

The only thing I can come up with is because of the rent and bills, I remember from other questions u have answered that u pay neither, if all else fails ask them why he was denied, they have to give u a reason

Answer #16

Im sorry Angelee, im going by the laws in my state and here you can only have one member of a household recieveing foodstamps. The people here who have more than one person in a house recieving them are using a different address than the one they are living at (which i dont suggest seeing as how its illegal). Tell Lee to call the food stamp office and ask for an explanation of why he was denied - they have to give him a reason when they deny him.

Answer #17

I was denied the first time to,even though my mother and I were splitting the bills I didn’t have proof, so had to get some bills in my name and had to ask the landlord to put the one receipt in my mother name and one in mine so each of us had something sayin we paid seperate

Answer #18

Lee’s address on his ID isn’t the same as the one where we are currently staying… so, I really don’t get how they could just say no. I’ll have him call and ask. Thanks.

Answer #19

If u can have them mail u the denial reason as well, it shud tell u wat u need to do to qualify, good luck

Answer #20

When I was a kid I worked as a bag boy and I would see people pay for their groceries with food stamps and then I would go put their groceries in there brand new BMW. I understand the need for help, but it sound like a way of life here and I do not mean to sound cold, but where do you think the money for your food stamps comes from.

Answer #21

I have seen that to and it gets on my nerves, its one thing to need the help its another to abuse the system the way they do cuz its ruining it for people who do need it, and Angelee I’m not sayin u don’t need them I’m sayin in some cases that happens

Answer #22

Yes, I know some people abuse the system. It’s wrong…. but in our case, what else can we do? He makes $3 an hour… and it’s not his fault. I can’t get a job until I finish school and college.

Answer #23

That’s y I said I wasn’t sayin u were I’m sayin others due, I don’t know ur total situation so I can’t say ur abuseing the system, and it wud b wrong of me to assume u r, thrs just people out thr that do

Answer #24

That is not even minimum wage, for one that is illegal and should be reported, two he should look for a better job. Back in 1994 I was making $4.25 an hour, and I know this has change since then. Also you are right there are people with a need and I pay that everything works out for you and someday in the future you work your way off needing this support.

Answer #25

Yes, I know it’s not even minimum wage. It’s crap pay… but it’s all he can get. It is legal, I don’t know how… but it is. -_- He has looked for better jobs. He’s called around, went around, applied, etc… he even went way out of town to find one… and still couldn’t find one. Literally no jobs are available here.

Answer #26

I think its because he’s already on your moms foodstamps

Answer #27

Yeah, but he wants to be taken off… and on his own.

Answer #28

he has to wait until her food stamps end to get taken off and so he can apply for his own

Answer #29

Her food stamps are not going to end though…

Answer #30

when does she have to reapply ?

Answer #31

I think he should continue working hard and you better stay in school. However he should invest some time in a trade or something that will allow him to earn extra income. Who knows, it might work out well. Look at Joe the plumber. Its all over the world. I am a Safety specialist and I had to take a job in shipping because it was available and for 2yrs now I have had no luck getting back into my field so I have changed my trade to suit the situation. I make less than half what I used to make now. Life is hard and never always work out so hang in there and always be prepared to diversify. As I always say, when times are hard, they can only get better. Good luck to your BF!

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